Pinebrook Family Answers Offering Telehealth Counseling Services

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Given the current health concerns surrounding the Corona Virus (COVID-19), all Pinebrook Family Answers therapy services will be conducted by video therapy.


Lehigh Valley, PA – March 20, 2020, “At Pinebrook Family Answers (PbFA), we believe that forward-thinking agencies utilize available technology to provide access to services as well as provide employee flexibility.  As a certified trauma-informed agency, we believe that providing the best possible tools for our employees to deliver services increases the flexibility that leads to a reduction in job stress, secondary trauma and burnout.  Therefore, PbFA is well-poised to transition to HIPAA-secure video sessions during the COVID-related National Emergency.”  Bill Vogler, President of Pinebrook Family Answers, announced.

Many are concerned about the impact the coronavirus epidemic is having on their emotional health and their family’s mental well-being. Pinebrook offers the following mental health programs:

Outpatient Psychiatric & Counseling Services addresses a wide range of behavioral health problems, interpersonal issues and stressors related to life transitions for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. All counseling is conducted by master’s level clinicians and is informed by our certification as a trauma-informed agency.  Psychiatric services are provided by psychiatrists, Advance Practice Nurse Practitioners, and through the innovative use of telepsychiatry.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides information, short-term counseling, advice, and referrals from master’s level clinicians.  The program is designed to identify and help employees with any number of problems that may interfere with his or her ability to work. This can include personal, professional, financial, emotional, marital, family, or substance abuse issues. Initial counseling through the EAP benefit is provided at no cost to the employee. The employer covers the cost for a specific number of sessions (this number varies by employer).  For more information about establishing an Employee Assistance Plan for your company, call Leslie Ten Broeck at 610-774-1434 or email 

Warmline is a telephone support service for Lehigh County adults challenged by loneliness, confusion, and other mental health concerns, or who need information about available services. It is a confidential 7 days/week telephone support service manned by trained mental health peers.  Warmline operates daily but is not able to accept calls between 2AM-6AM.  Call 610-820-8451 to reach Warmline.



Our Mission is to transform lives across generations by nurturing healthy children and strong families, supporting seniors, empowering individuals, and strengthening the Greater Lehigh Valley. Our goal is to help all types of families become healthy and flourish by providing services and programs to overcome challenges and succeed in daily living. Our focus is supporting children, adults and seniors to make them healthy, strong and self-sufficient. For more information,