5 Most Common Lighting Mistakes AND How to Avoid Them – By: Carrie Oesmann

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By: Carrie Oesmann | www.bailiwickdesign.com

Carrie’s full article and accompanying images can be found at https://mybailiwickdesign.com/blog-1/2020/5/12/5-most-common-lighting-mistakes.

Lighting is often an afterthought when people are designing their interior spaces. However, as a professional interior designer it’s actually one of the elements I consider FIRST when developing a design for my clients. I’ll share with you the 5 most common problems I see people have when lighting their interior spaces.

1. Using only one type of light and not having enough light sources.
The best lighting plans incorporate at least two or three different types of lighting fixtures, each meant to serve different functions. You probably won’t have every light fixture on all at the same time and all at the highest level, but good lighting is about a combination of different types of light.

2. Using only table lamps to light your space.
Table lamps are really designed to be task lamps not for lighting an entire room.

3. Not spreading out the light throughout your space.
The goal is to light every corner of the room with a somewhat consistent level of light or at least try to spread out the light so that you don’t have any dark areas in shadow.

4. Forgetting to add dimmers whenever possible.
Dimmers give you the ability to tailor the light level to the different activities in the space. They also allow you to vary the combination of light levels for a broader range of lighting “scenes”. As an added bonus when you use dimmers it extends the life of the bulb and uses less energy.

5. Not paying attention to the color temperature of the bulbs you use.
Even if you are still hoarding 100 watt incandescent bulbs you should consider the energy savings of LEDs, and you’ll need to get the correct color temperature to make the elements of your room look their best. Tip: if you have a lot of cool tones like blues and grays, then use a 3500 – 4000K LED – If your space contains mostly warm tones with yellow and red then stay warmer with 2700-3000K bulbs.

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It all comes down to planning. Do your homework and consider asking the advice of a professional, especially during a larger renovation such as a kitchen, bath, or addition. It’s true, the list is seemingly endless. But the important thing is to take the time to consider lighting first, as it is a critical part of a great interior design!

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