Fathers Day Recipe | Recipe By Joe Scrizzi

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Recipe By Joe Scrizzi

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Step-Dads, Grand-dads, Uncle’s, Godfathers and Big Brothers!

Everyone played a part in bringing up a child in some way………This Day is For You!

Father’s Day 2020 is upon us and as things slowly get back to normal, I foresee families getting together for backyard cookouts. As we come together, share a meal, talk and catch up with one another. Every year, my family would spend the weekend in the Poconos, fishing and boating and my brother and I would cook for Mom and Dad. I used to prepare fresh fish & chicken infused with lots of flavors and veggies for the family and whomever else was with us for the weekend.

I’ve been getting out to the Local Farmers Markets as of late and putting together some things.

Most cookouts entail hamburgers and hot dogs, for Dad I wanted to go the extra mile, as he always did that for us!

I put together a feast not only for the eyes, but for the palate as well!

Asparagus, Spring Onions, Radishes, Baby Greens, Tomatoes, Mushrooms. Grabbed some Lemons & Limes for color and a nice punch for flavor too!


Marinated Zesty Grilled Chicken & Veggies


2 – 3 #’s Chicken Breast or Tenders

Olive Oil

2 – Lemons

2 – Limes

Salt & Pepper

Pizza Peppers


2 – Bunches Spring Onions (Scallions)

2 – Bunches Asparagus

Pint of Mushrooms

Pint of Radishes

Pint of Cherry Tomatoes

Baby Greens (for salad or sandwich topper)

Bamboo Skewers


Layer chicken in shallow dish, drizzle with olive oil, cut 1 lemon and 1 lime in half and squeeze out juices over top (save citrus shells for grill). Season with salt & pepper & pizza peppers (opt.).

Cover with film and refrigerate 15 mins while veggies are prepped.

Prep veggies: Remove stems from mushrooms, roots and outer leaves from scallions, chop off root ends from asparagus, skewer tomatoes.

Add all veggies to another shallow dish (except tomatoes) and toss with olive oil gently and season with salt and pepper.

Grill chicken and veggies at same time, careful watch on everything, as they will cook quickly.

Add citrus shells to the grill (skin side down), as the pulp warms up, rind becomes more pliable and juice can be squeezed out over veggies when plating.

Skewer tomatoes, no need to add oil, as you want them to blister. Perfect as a side dish or smashed top of your sandwich.


Bon Appetite!


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