Designing for the REAL Future – by: Carrie Oesmann

I remember my first trip to Disney World when I was very young and visiting “Tomorrowland” for the first time. The cool, modern designs made us all dream up our own vision of what our individual “tomorrows” might entail. At that time planning for the future was all about streamlined, glossy laminates and multi-functional, automated designs. Today we might look at that same vision of Tomorrowland as very retro 1960’s. But one point stands out to me – this vision of tomorrow was more about appearances than real functionality.

Each of us will have a different future – with our own specific needs. Who can say whether we will be able to maintain an active lifestyle or if health issues will force us to adjust our personal Tomorrowland. In the past 30 years, there has been a growing movement aimed at addressing the ever-growing portion of our population that has special needs in their living environments, whether that be through unexpected medical conditions or simply natural aging process.

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About Carrie,

Carrie Oesmann is the ASID, CAPS and AKBD certified Interior Designer of Bailiwick Interior Design, a business she has owned and operated in New Jersey since 1999. Last year she had the pleasure of expanding her business and relocating to the Lehigh Valley, so she now lives in downtown historic Bethlehem with her husband John. Her “Journey to Bethlehem” inspired her to start sharing her adventure on her blog, which you can find on her website, You can also follow her on Facebook. Carrie’s home also doubles as Bailiwick Interior Design’s Pennsylvania office and unique lifestyle showroom, a place where her clients can experience a variety of options in a real home—it’s unlike anything we have seen in the Valley! Call Carrie for a personal tour of the lifestyle showroom.