Zanelli Tells Allentown NAACP Members Her Advocacy for Minorities Make Her Best Candidate for Lehigh County Commissioner  

April 18, Bethlehem, Pa. – Amy Zanelli, candidate for Lehigh County Commissioner District 3, was among a group of state and local candidates who presented their platforms Tuesday night to the Allentown Branch of the NAACP.  About 100 gathered at the Days Inn in Hanover Township to hear from the candidates running in the May 16th Pennsylvania Primary Election.  

“I believe we need to be a bridge and we need to work on unity. When all the minorities get together we make up the majority, “ Zanelli said. 

“I started in my government experience advocating for the most vulnerable among us. I was a child abuse investigator. My campaign was born out of my social activism. My activism for the LGBT community.  My activism for the Latino community is one of the reasons why I have the endorsement of Olga Negron who was the first person of Latin descent elected in Bethlehem, “ Zanelli said. 

Zanelli has also been endorsed by Lehigh County Executive Tom Muller, Lehigh County Commissioner Dan Hartzell, Bethlehem Mayor Bob Donchez, Lehigh Valley For All and the Women’s March on Washington – Pennsylvania. 

Walter Felton, Chairman of the Lehigh County Democratic Committee and Third Vice President of the Allentown Branch of the NAACP, introduced the candidates and also announced that the NAACP will hold its statewide convention October 27th in Allentown. 

With election day just weeks away, Zanelli’s $5 Friday campaign fundraising continues.  “Don’t think that little things don’t make a difference. That’s how Bernie raised all his money and it worked. So once a week, instead of buying a latte, give it to her. Let’s get her in office.  If you want to break the glass ceiling, pay attention to your dollars,” Zanelli said. 

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