“I’ve known Glenn Eckhart for over 20 years, I served with him on the Board of Commissioners, and now proudly watch him as our County Controller, and I must say, Glenn is a work horse, not a show horse, he gets the job done for Lehigh County, when others only talk and complain about it”.

“As Commissioners, Glenn and I came on the board after the infamous 70% tax increase and knew County Government was at a low point and had to focus on the fundamentals, and find innovative ways to reduce spending, while increasing operational efficiencies. As a result of a team effort, in 2008 we consolidated the 3 Row Offices into 1 “Clerk of Judicial Records” position via a historically successful voter referendum. That change to the Home Rule Charter has since produced over 1 million dollars in savings to the treasury, while creating a one-stop shop at the Court House, which improved and modernized our customer service for County residents. Glenn will continue that focus of smarter government”.

“Lehigh County needs someone with the work ethic and drive to make it happen. No one will out work Glenn. He is a happy warrior. I ask all of my fellow Republicans to vote for my friend, Glenn Eckhart on Primary election day”.

– Former Commissioner Andy Roman

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