Spring Clean Your Garage

Late winter is a time of cabin fever and clutter frustration. In my organizing business, I call February to May my “Spring Rush.” My phone rings frequently with requests for help clearing away the tired excesses of winter, preparing for tax season, and getting ready for spring’s fresh start.

Responding to the Lehigh Valley’s winter fatigue, the Morning Call recently interviewed me for tips to organize your garage this spring. In addition to the hints captured by the interviewer, here are some more ideas to clear the clutter and breath some life into your garage.

  • After you’ve eliminated the clutter, designate a space in your garage for each grouping of items. Keep the gardening supplies in one area, and winter sports items in another. Then tell your family where things are! If they don’t know, they won’t put things away and the mess will creep back in.
  • Consider frequency of use when storing. Use it a lot? Put it near the door. Not so often? Use overhead space or an inconvenient corner. Remember too that your children or spouse may be shorter than you, and what’s easy for you to reach may be impossible for them. Store items so they are convenient for the person who uses them the most.
  • Adjust for the season. In addition to doing a spring clean out, I recommend my clients take an autumn afternoon to clean and store their summer gear. Donate or sell anything you know you won’t use, straighten up the categories, sweep the garage, and do your seasonal shift. In the spring you might move the shovels to the back of the garage, but in fall you want to get the bicycles out of the way. Consider what you need in the coming months and make it easy for yourself. Remember to leave room for the car! Winter may be winding down now, but there’s another one coming next year. You’ll want somewhere to park your car when the first storm blows in.

Garage clean-outs are easiest in the spring and fall, when the weather is mild. So once the snow melts, pick a day and reclaim your space. It’s a gift you’ll enjoy all summer long.

Live simply,