Chaos to Calm: Stress Is A Myth – by Carrie Beleno


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Indulge me for a moment…suppose stress IS a myth? Suppose we created the entity of “stress” so that society had something to blame for the dis-ease of the world: headaches, heart disease, nervous breakdowns, insomnia, anxiety…?

These are real afflictions, make no mistake. These are not “it’s all in your head” conditions. However, I found in my work and through the universal life truths that we no longer need to blame the mindless monster called “stress.”

After all, stress seems indomitable, right? I mean, who can stop stress? It’s everywhere! You find it lurking at work, at the grocery store, at home, while driving, on the internet, at the doctor’s office…all around!

Let’s put the monster “stress” in its place, shall we? Once and for all?

The official definition of stress is, “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.”

But I offer, it’s not the demanding circumstances that create the stress. It’s the emotional imbalance that causes the stress. (One person’s stress is another person’s motivation!)

Family calling you at all hours with their drama around “Aunt Sue?” It’s not stress that is driving you nuts, it is the anger, frustration and sadness of their spewing or Aunt Sue’s actions that are causing you “stress.” Work demands bigger than you can handle and you’re experiencing anxiety? Don’t blame it on stress. Recognize that you are fearful or unhappy or frustrated.

Here’s why: Emotions are much, much easier to recognize and shift than “stress” is. Stress is bigger than us. Stress seems insurmountable.

Our emotions are inside of US. They are part of who we are, and we’ve lived with them our whole lives. They are easier to identify and shift, and once you do, they lead to life-long peace and happiness. Continue Reading


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