Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser in Memory of Sarah Parvin


(Quakertown, PA) – The Sarah Parvin Foundation is holding its annual Par 4 Parvin Golf Tournament on October 13, 2017 to bring awareness to Sarah’s story of courage, and her unbelievable spirt in her battle against ovarian cancer. Sarah died of ovarian cancer in 2006 at the age of 11. Now in the 9th year, the tournament features a full day of golf at the Fox Hollow Golf Club in Quakertown that concludes with a lobster dinner. The event has already sold out of golf tickets, tickets for the lobster dinner are available, as well as sponsorship opportunities.  All proceeds will be donated to cancer research through Jefferson University Hospital, support for AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, and programs to help offset the costs for families dealing with cancer.


The tournament’s roots trace back to 2009, when Stefan Zdanowciz, along with a few other Quakertown High School students, proposed the event as a senior project to benefit the Sarah Parvin Foundation. With Sandy Parvin, Sarah’s mother as his mentor, Zdanowciz organized and managed every aspect of The Par 4 Parvin Golf Tournament, creating advertising, securing donations, and leading the events on the tournament day. The project took shape as Zdanowciz consulted numerous people, including the owner of Fox Hollow Golf Course, Jack Eckenrode. Zdanowciz convinced a friend to create a website. He created a logo, wrote many letters, brochures and ads, collected sponsorships and prizes, and made goodie cooler bags for the golfers. He additionally brought in a caterer to feed the 68 entrants and in the end, the golf tournament raised $9,238.14. Since then, several other young people have come on board to keep the momentum going, making Par 4 Parvin one of the Sarah Parvin Foundation’s signature events.

“The enthusiasm that we felt from Stefan and the students at Quakertown High really spoke to our passion for encouraging youths to use their voices and talents to create a better future,” said Sandy Parvin. “We were thrilled to partner with them.”

Originally starting with 68 participants, the tournament now boasts over 400 golfers, sponsors and donors. “This project was a real eye opener and showed me that if I put my mind to something, I can complete anything,” Zdanowciz wrote in his reflection paper. “I am proud that I was able to create an event that is now in its 9th year and continuing to bring awareness to Sarah’s legacy.”

“It’s because of events like Par 4 Parvin that we feel a solid hope for a cure for cancer in the near future,” said Parvin. “It is through everyone that attends that we are reminded that there is a strength in coming together as a community. If we can help make a difference for just one family, Sarah will not have died without a purpose.”

“Sarah just danced through life,” concluded Parvin. “She had an unbelievable spirit. She knew no barriers. Her legacy is alive through the work to fund the fight against cancer and help other people to not have to suffer the loss we did.”


About The Sarah Parvin Foundation

The Sarah Parvin Foundation specifically creates, works with, or works for seven different events and programs. Each of these events or programs helps people who are affected with the difficulty of not only ovarian cancer, but many others, in various stages in their journey with cancer. There are two events and one program that are created by and sponsored by The Sarah Parvin Foundation.


Information provided by:
Jenna Gross