Chaos to Calm: The Root Cause – by Carrie Beleno


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I’ve been searching for months now. Searching for the common denominator for why people hold fear, anxiety, guilt, remorse and anger. Certainly we don’t want to hold these, do we? I mean, who in their right mind would enjoy experiencing these emotions on a daily basis?

So why is it that so many people are fearful, impatient, angry or frustrated for a good portion of their days? We see it in the grocery store line, in traffic, at our jobs and most especially on the internet.

We are quick to bash another’s opinion or post a negative business review (much quicker than posting a positive!). We immediately jump to: “They are wrong!” or “How could this happen to me?” and up flares the frustration, anger and fear. Lots of times we aren’t able to let it go as quickly as it came up…we swim in it for hours or days, sometimes even weeks.

Anxiety, fear, guilt and frustration are isolating. They make us want to retreat from the world. They cause us to believe that we are separate from each other, and separate from God.

“I am right, they are wrong.” Or worse yet, “They are right, I am wrong.”

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