And Then This Happened… by Carrie Beleno


I received a message this week, a message that had far-reaching implications for many of us, much more than I knew in the moment…
I receive LOTS of messages, it’s part of the intuitive work that I do! But this one was an actual text message. It was from one of my Reiki master students. She requested a Reiki team to gather asap to assist in the body, mind and spirit healing of a dear friend, and she needed us in person.

Reiki can be sent long-distance, and I often get requests, daily actually, for sending Reiki energy support. But this request was different. She needed a team in person, quickly. Within 10 minutes I had 4 Reiki master/practitioners lined up and ready to meet.

Unfortunately, I could not pay this team, and they know that. They know that the structures that we currently live in do not financially support energy healing, and as hard as I work at growing the Beleno Center and maintaining my schedule of 1:1 clients, I cannot afford to personally pay an outreach team. We were certainly not going to ask our requestor or client for compensation in such an urgent situation.

And therein lies the paradigm shift that I am going to create.

In the past, those in the “giving” or healing fields have had to resign themselves to the fact that they must “give from the heart.” That they must go above and beyond regularly scheduled hours or family time because “It’s what they signed up for” or “It’s the right thing to do” or “God expects it that way” in their healing/service/ministry careers.

But the world is shifting. People are demanding that body, mind and spirit be addressed in health crises, disasters, loss and grief. Patients are requiring that they be viewed as people, souls in human form, and not just as diseases.

So I am here to bust the structures.

Today, right now, I am asking you to click on this link and go to my Patreon page. Read my story. Share my vision. Join the collective in supporting our mission (and receive some special gifts)!

Reiki energy healing works. There is scientific and anecdotal evidence. It balances body, mind and spirit so your body has the ability to do what it needs to do. It reduces anxiety and brings clarity to situations, and often a whole lot more than that.

My 70+ master practitioners have dedicated much time and money to their practice. We meet daily, weekly and monthly, sharing ideas and energy, discussing how to raise the collective consciousness and ways to rebuild the crumbling political, economic, educational, medical and religious structures. We practice, we see clients, we hold focus and support groups, we offer guidance, prayer and support of each other, our families and our clients.

We know that we are making a difference and we need your help. Thank you for considering sponsoring my Reiki outreach team and my messages of universal life truths. I’ll keep you updated!

Please Live in Love.


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