Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman

It was a victory for Lehigh Mountain Hawks against the Lafayette Leopards Saturday with the final score of 38 to 31.  The only thing that could have made this victory sweeter would have been sunshine and clear skies. Spectators came prepared with umbrellas and rain ponchos, and a sold out crowd endured as the rain continued throughout the game. 

The rivalry between the Mountain Hawks and Leopards is 153 games strong, with the Mountain Hawks coming out on top for the last three years.  The game started as both teams rallied each other with touchdowns, and in the second quarter the Panthers started to dominate the field time.  By the third quarter, the Mountain Hawks came alive as they overtook the Leopard’s lead. While the Leopards remained determined to score again, it didn’t happen.  By the fourth quarter, the Mountain Hawks scored early, and anchored down their defensive line tightly.   

The Mountain Hawks fans screamed and howled when the game ended.  A moment to reflect back to the beginning of the season and realize the determination and perseverance that shaped and moved this team to this victorious moment.  Way to go Mountain Hawks!