Chaos to Calm: Random Act of Awkwardness… – by Carrie Beleno


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I spent some time yesterday at Panera between a meeting and a client appointment. Standing at the tea counter, I found myself doing a “happy dance,” you know: wiggling around, singing to myself, generally exhibiting joy? I was excited to see my upcoming client, discovered that I had a new seminar to write and was anticipating getting started, happy that I had found steel-cut oatmeal with quinoa AFTER the breakfast menu had closed…

While engaging in this said happy dance, I glanced over at a table to see a lone woman eating a fairly messy cream cheese bagel. We smiled at each other and said hello, simultaneously realizing that we were both engaged in an awkward moment that the other had “caught.”

She said, “Well, we just had a moment.” Yes, an awkward one at that, we laughed!

I introduced myself and declared that I was going to write a blog about this awkward moment. I also shared that tomorrow’s podcast episode was titled, “Random Acts of Kindness” and we joked that this was definitely a “Random Act of Awkwardness.”

After reflecting a bit, I realized how vitally important that moment was:
It connected two complete strangers in joy.
It allowed for a soul-to-soul connection~ the reason we are all here (despite what you may have previously believed).
It created laughter, an instant emotional booster…and I believe we both may have needed that boost in that moment.
And it made me want to share with all of you:

Please look for those connections everywhere you go. They matter. They are what keeps us healthy and thriving.

Never be ashamed. Live joyfully. Connect on a whim. Be awkward, it’s human. Laugh much.

Thank you, Jennifer.

Live in love,





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