Brain Bug Magazine Releases Third Issue

Brain Bug Magazine has just celebrated the release of their third issue, the “Rock (& Roll)” issue”. In this edition, we delved into fossils, dung beetles, sushi, things that rock and things that roll. Using experts Dr. Greg Setliff (entomology professor) and Dr. Ed Simpson (paleontology professor, chair of the physical science department), professors at Kutztown University, we have a double feature issue that will turn up the volume.

Brain Bug Magazine is an independent, educational science magazine based in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Every issue is 36 pages, fully illustrated for visual learners. We write for a middle school audience, but also consider ourselves an “all ages magazine” that anybody at a reading level and up can enjoy.

The basis of the magazine is to provide real and engaging information about science, nutrition and much more in a visually appealing way. We want to provide an educational and interesting magazine that is different from mainstream teen gossip magazines that don’t provide any “real content” as well as the “busy work” magazines that don’t let you take anything from the experience. Brain Bug Magazine promotes a non-gender bias and non-violent agenda that strives for gross-out humor and full-color illustrations to attract the reader’s attention instead. In the internet age where information is easily obtained, but not always the full story, we talk to real experts (professors, doctors, people in the field) so all of our information is factual and complete.

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