“Masters of Illusion” put on an incredible show to a packed house at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center.

Review By: Janel Spiegel  – Photography by: Kimberly Kanuck


Masters of Illusion- The Live Tour

Live at the Bethlehem Sands Event Center: February 8, 2018


You could say there was “magic in the air” at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center tonight. The infamous magicians of “Masters of Illusion” put on an incredible show to a packed house at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center. It was a mix of intricate magic and real talent. Michael Turco, Chipper Lowell, Jarrett and Raja and Naathan Phan brought unique skills to the Sands tonight.

“Masters of Illusion” is a hit show on the CW network. So, it was incredible to see this show live. It was a combination of magic, music, and laughter. Magician Michael Turco started the show-off. He performed various acts and illusions that had the audience in absolute awe. He included the audience and each one of these amazing guys thanked the audience and the fans.

Each one of the magicians is smart, fast and funny. They have a unique set. Jarrett and Raja were incredible. The duo is billed as the “Master Illusionist and Piano Genius,” and they work well together. The two of them are a burst of energy. They performed various illusions, and Raja did indeed play the piano. You can see they feed off of one another. They bring such life to a show that is already so wild and fun.

One of the funniest and probably an audience favorite was Chipper Lowell. He has a lively vibe almost like the late-great Robin Williams. If anyone had anything at all going on in life that may have been negative? You would never know because Chipper had everyone in hysterics. His act is unique, and he uses various props. He also fully included the audience. He invited a married couple on-stage to take part in his act. They were amazing sports.

Chipper reminds you so much of Robin Williams. He has such a bright spirit, and you can tell he loves what he does. He also had all of us try our “listening skills” out with some clapping together for part of his act. After a few times and Chipper’s near-perfect comedic timing, we got it. Chipper’s act was one for the books.

Naathan Phan was incredible. He is so funny, and he also involved the audience in his act. He told various stories and included theatrics and impersonations. His impersonations are dead-on. He invited a kid on-stage who was so enthusiastic. He made quite a few impressions while incorporating magic/illusions into the act. He also wanted to “make a house float.” (Won’t ruin it for those who have not seen this) Let’s just say he accomplishes this task. The house just soared like a bird in the sky.

Naathan also performed a trick that would have impressed Mr. Harry Houdini. Naathan asked for another volunteer to come up on-stage. This gentleman along with one of the “Masters of Illusion” guys helped strap Naathan into a straight-jacket. He spoke briefly about Houdini and not only did this man complete this escape, but he did it while… Singing!!! And not just any song either. Naathan was singing Opera! For a moment I think the audience thought it was a soundtrack.

He was quick though to let us know he was singing! His voice is amazing. There was an intermission. It was brief, but it gave the crowd a chance to grab food, drinks, etc. You could also hear the awe in people as they wondered, “What will they do for the next part of the show?” The suspense seemed to be getting to everyone.

They continued the order of the magicians. Michael Turco returned and did some truly amazing illusions. It makes you wonder how they do it, but maybe it is nice to just keep the awe and wonder in magic. It seems more fun that way. Jarrett returned (with a giant chainsaw) and Raja playing piano (beautifully and while sawed in half!)

Chipper returned with just as much if not more energy than he already has, He is just fun and lively. He kept all of us on the edge of our seats. Naathan returned and in between the fun blue monks came out to bring the magicians on-stage in some unbelievably crazy way or sweep up the endless amounts of confetti. (From where does all the confetti come?)

Jarrett was making it rain beautiful, red Valentine’s Day inspired confetti. Naathan showed his appreciation by tossing teal confetti. Yes, teal confetti. Where does one find teal confetti? According to Naathan, he cuts up paper himself for his teal confetti to match his shirt and shoelaces.

It was one of the best shows ever. These magicians (and the awesome assistants that accompanied them) are more than just illusionist and magicians. They make people smile and laugh. They brought a lot of fun and joy to Bethlehem tonight. The finale they came up with was unreal. You could hear the silence momentarily as people were heard saying, “How did they do that?” and the *gasp* of WOW’s around the venue.

Michael Turco came back to finish up the show, but Naathan wound up joining him on-stage. He was there to pick up his teal confetti. It is hard to come by. Michael happily turned it into an amazing magic opportunity as he is such a natural. Michael began the teasing of the act and how Naathan always wants to be part of a “grand illusion.”

The blue guys appeared again with torches and a large cage in which Naathan would enter. There was some sleight-of-hand and maybe an “Abracadabra” or two with an extra side of “alakazam” that I think most of us have never seen before. Naathan and all of the magicians appeared after this trick. You truly need to see this show live if you have not seen it?! It is astonishing, and as usual, the Bethlehem Sands Event Center is comfortable, fun, and the staff is incredible.

The security guard who was stationed in front of the stage was a trooper as Chipper got him a few times, he had probably more confetti than anyone, and he graciously helped every single person they invited on-stage down the steps after each magician politely told them to “watch your step.”

It was a family show. They had tons of hilarious jokes, and people were happy. That is what made this show true and unique. The smiles and laughter. The magicians even took time to meet with fans in the lobby after the show. They had a line of people waiting and graciously met with everyone that waited. It was an incredible show and to see all the happiness they brought is well worth seeing the show.

These guys are one-of-a-kind, and you will not find a better show. Make sure you go see “Masters of Illusion” if they come to your town.



#MastersofIllusion to see the “audience selfie” that Naathan and Michael took.