The City of Allentown along with the Allentown Fire Department in partnership with the Allentown School District is rewarding the hard work of some elementary school students with a ride to school in a fire engine.  The program begins Tuesday, May 1 at McKinley Elementary School and will conclude on Wednesday, June 6 at Ritter Elementary School.

Two students from each of the participating elementary schools have been selected by their principal to be rewarded with the ride. Students were selected for excellence in academics, behavior, citizenship, perfect attendance, leadership in the classroom, school pride and safety patrol.

Schedule and Student Awardees:

May 1 – McKinley Elementary School – Randiel Araujo Nunez – Excellence in Academics – Stefhany Garcia Munoz – Excellence in Leadership

May 3 – Washington Elementary School – JohnPaul Uchuya and Emily Pacheco – Excellence in Academics

May 7 – Central Elementary School – Deja Haliday and Yamil Caban – Excellence in Leadership

May 9 – Ramos Elementary School – Xavier Chorro Renederos and Violeta Aguilar Solano – Excellence in Leadership

May 10 – Executive Education Academy – Caleb Crofford and Makenzie Rodriguez – Excellence in School Pride

May 11 – Muhlenberg Elementary School – Tyler Peralta and Kaitlyn Smith – Excellence in Behavior

May 14 – Roosevelt Elementary School – Sasha Nieves and Juan Sanchez –   Excellence in Academics

May 15 – Mosser Elementary School- Samir Ebram and Casey Brunner – Excellence in Leadership

May 16 – Jefferson Elementary School – Marisa Price and Caleesta Morgan -Excellence in Leadership

May 17 – Sheridan Elementary School – Victor Thomas Sosa and Darianny Cedeno-Morillo – Excellence in Leadership

May 22 – Cleveland Elementary School – Eluis Diaz Rivera and Jaibys Suarez Gonzalez – Excellence in Leadership

May 23 – Hiram Dodd Elementary School – Kyanalise Perez and Jesus Batista – Excellence in Citizenship

May 25 – Roberto Clemente Elementary Charter School – Randy Garcia and Iromi Galindo – Excellence in Citizenship

May 29 – Lehigh Parkway Elementary School – Bryanna Fernandez and Kaylei Fisher – Perfect Attendance

May 31 –Union Terrace Elementary School – Tamia Johnson and Nathanyl Wo – Excellence as a Safety Patrol

June 6 – Ritter Elementary School – Stephon Calderon and Celina Dabboura – Excellence in Behavior


The students will be picked up at their home by a fire engine and transported to their respective school.  Arrival at the public schools is expected between 9:05am and 9:10am.  Arrival at the charter schools is expected between 8:30am and 8:40am.  The students will also receive a certificate from the fire chief and signed by Mayor Ray O’Connell in recognition of their achievement.

Information Provided By:
Mike Moore
Communications Manager
Mayor’s Office
435 Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101