Just Released – Easton at the Crossroads


(July 3, 2018) Elk Lake Publishing proudly announces the launch of Easton at the Crossroads, the highly anticipated sequel to Easton in the Valley and Easton at the Forks by award-winning author Rebecca Price Janney. Book three in the Easton Series, Crossroads is about two people, two hundred years apart, joined by blood ties, parallel experiences, and a winsome town, Easton, Pennsylvania.  

Have you ever done everything you knew to be right, but life still turned out all wrong? 

That’s what happens to Erin Miles and Peter Kichline in my just-released book, Easton at the Crossroads (Elk Lake Publishing). They’ve made critical decisions impacting themselves, their families and community. They were careful. Deliberate. Still, the outcome isn’t favorable. 

What in the world is going on? 

Revolution has come to Northampton County. Publication of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, has ignited many with patriotism. Others, however, are aflame with indignation—breaking away from Great Britain is sheer madness! Moravians and Mennonites stand apart, wanting to avoid armed conflict.  

These are the times that try Peter’s soul. Some of his troops accuse him of not going far enough or fast enough toward independence. One Easton man accuses him of accepting a bribe to put the brakes on liberty. A far less experienced officer is chosen to command Northampton County’s Flying Camp. Peter must combat the rumor to save not only his character, but the unit. Meanwhile, General Washington is about to engage the British in New York as the Continental Congress declares independence.  

Will Peter recapture his standing in time, or will the untested novice lead the men to battle? Will he be home for the birth of his next child? What will become of him and the Flying Camp in the badly lopsided clash? 

Erin is facing similar challenges. She’s always loved teaching, so why does she feel so out of place? And why does one student disdain, even threaten her? Her ailing parents can’t be in the same room together, and her preteen son develops an aversion for school and a fondness for cell phones. Her new church and DAR chapter aren’t what she’s used to. The man she might have a future with brings disappointment. 

What Erin and Peter thought was going to be solid ground has become sinking sand. When you do the right thing, shouldn’t life fall into place? Not for them. Probably not for you. 

Readers will join Peter and Erin as they stand at the crossroads of previous decisions, and learn to walk in hope toward the future. The Easton Series is available in book stores and from online retailers. 

About the Author

Rebecca Price Janney is the award-winning author of twenty-one books, including Easton in the Valley and Easton at the Forks, Great Women in American History, and Then Comes Marriage? A Cultural History of the American Family. A native of the Lehigh Valley, she’s also a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Valley Forge Chapter. Rebecca earned degrees in history from Lafayette College, Princeton Seminary, and Biblical Seminary, knowledge she shares widely and winsomely as a popular speaker at DAR venues, civic organizations, historical societies, schools, libraries, churches, and synagogues, as well as on TV and radio.  

She resides with her husband, son, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in suburban Philadelphia.