Corporate Challenge racing action takes over the Valley Preferred Cycling Center

Photos & Story by Joe Scrizzi

Friends, Family and co-workers all came out to the VPCC to support the racers in lasts nights Corporate Challenge. The rain held off, which made for a fun and exciting evening, to say the least! Fans were in both grandstands and lined perimeter of the track as they rooted on the teams during each heat. All teams laid it on the line in Corporate America’s version of the Thunder Dome!

Team Infinera won the first round of the Corporate Challenge with a time of 2.39.03 minutes, skimming past Valley Preferred Team #1 with a time of 2.40.81. This earned them a bye. Infinera & Valley Preferred Team 1 met once again for a final race. 1/10th of a second separated these 2 teams…..WOW!!!

Corporate Challenge Winners: 

Valley Preferred Team 1 – Gold

Infinera – Silver

Air Products – Bronze

The Corporate Challenge is a race run by the Valley Preferred Cycling Center (VPCC).  The VPCC is a 333m concrete velodrome with 33° banked turns located in Trexlertown, PA.  The format of the race is an “Italian Pursuit”.  In the Italian Pursuit, (6) members of the team line up on one of the straits of the velodrome.  At the start of the race all (6) members will start in unison.  After the completion of one lap, rider #1 peels off the front of the pace line and departs the race. Rider #2 completes the second lap and then peels off the front of the pace line and departs the race… and so on, and so on.  The goal is to complete (6) laps as quickly as possible.

Companies competing in the Italian Pursuit:

Air Products

Coordinated Health


Buckeye Partners, L.P.

Valley Preferred Team 1

Valley Preferred Team 2

Infinera Corporation

Other races that took place throughout the evening:

Pro AM & Stagiare

Chariot Heats

Scratch Races

Golden Wheel

Congratulations to all the racers competing in last nights event!