Jason Mraz Brings “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)” and all the Good Vibes to Musikfest

Photographs by Diane Fleischman | Review By: Janel Spiegel

Jason Mraz with Brett Dennen

August 12 at Sands Steel Stage at PNC Plaza


Mother Nature was kinder tonight. Maybe because it was the last night for Musikfest 2018. The weather held up for the show tonight. Brett Dennen opened for Jason Mraz. He is fun and he interacted with the audience. He even dedicated a song to the people who “love cats.” He doesn’t seem to take himself too serious which was fun for the crowd. We sat in the same section where we rocked out for day one of Musikfest to Joan Jett and then still rocking in the down pour with Styx, (it was epic. You had to be there to feel the experience.) Brett Dennen sang his new song, “Here’s Looking At You Kid” which is also the title of his new EP that comes out on August 24th. Brett also sang, “Wild Child” which was a fun, chilled out song. He reminds you of a mix of Bob Dylan with a little bit of Tom Petty thrown in there. The back drop was the GOOD VIBES for Jason’s tour titled “Good Vibes.”  

Jason Mraz and his band came on-stage all dressed in fun “mechanic” jumpers. He is so positive and upbeat. There is no way one person could be in a bad mood listening to this man’s songs. He reminds you if you took a little bit of Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and even a little Steven Tyler with his vocals and mixed them all up, you would have the amazing Jason Mraz. His style varies so much. From reggae, pop, some Rhythm and blues. He even had a little bit of rock and country thrown in. Mother Nature gave him a break. He did announce that if it did rain he would keep playing unless there was lightning.

His sense of humor and fun personality meshed well with the crowd. The section we sat in was incredible. (A shout-out to the adorable couple that was dancing to all his songs) It truly is amazing to see what music does to people. The impact it has. Jason Mraz demonstrated that tonight for all of us. Mother Nature briefly rumbled and quite a few people jumped up and ran to purchase ponchos. Maybe, because Jason Mraz kindly thanked Mother Nature for holding off on the rain. She cut him a break and plus maybe she really dug hearing “Let’s See What the Night Can Do.” His band is incredible and the legendary Toca Rivera on percussion, Molly Miller on lead guitar and she PLAYED THAT GUITAR! Eric Hinojosa on keyboards, Michael Leroy Bram on drums, Andrea De Santanna on bass who was keeping it funky with that bass tone. Chaska Potter and Mona Tavakoli of Raining Jane.

The band was incredible. Jason Mraz sang everything from, “Unlonely” (“A little rain suddenly turns heavy. But a whole of love can make the clouds go away.” See, Mother Nature liked him!) Which is such a fun song. The audience loved it. “Making It Up”, “Living in the Moment”, “Chocolate” which was AMAZING! He had so much fun with all of us and the crowd loved it. He told a beautiful story about his wife.

He also sang, “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)” and that song is an anthem for so many people. It is a song that when you just want to be okay and have fun you listen to this song. The audience was thrilled and everyone was standing! He also advised the audience that whoever was currently standing up would be “in charge of making sure they get the sections to dance.” He even had all of us do the wave from the front all the way to the back. It was incredible.

He also sang, “Lucky”, “Love Someone” and of course one of the greatest songs ever, “I’m Yours” and that was it. The crowd was in it. Happy and having a blast. Musikfest picked the right person to close the fest. Jason Mraz also sang “Good Vibrations” with his band and invited Brett Dennen back on-stage to sing with them. He sang “Long Drive”, “Might As Well Dance” in which had the crowd dancing and everyone asking everyone else to dance. “93 Million Miles” and “Love Is Still the Answer”, “I Won’t Give Up” and more.

His music is beautiful, meaningful and you can tell he loves doing what he does. He also cares about the environment and people around him. He was kind to the crowd, joking and laughing. He sang his heart out. You could feel the lyrics and he briefly explained he cannot explain how you write songs. He just writes. He played up until the end and until the fireworks started in which he jokingly thanked the fireworks for allowing him to “open up for the fireworks tonight.” It was beautiful and surreal. If you get a chance you need to see Jason Mraz live and just have fun. Musikfest was packed and as usual the staff was kind and super helpful to everyone. If you had a question or needed help they were quick to help. He ended the show with “Have It All” and he told all of us that he “wanted us all to have it all.”

It was beautiful to see the opening and the closing of Musikfest and all the work that goes into this festival. Every year it gets better and better so thank you Jason Mraz for “the good times” that were indeed had by all. And thank you Musikfest 2018 for another incredible year of bringing every kind of music imaginable to the great Lehigh Valley. “And may the road less paved be the road that you follow.” Jason Mraz said it and sang it.

Jason Mraz https://www.jasonmraz.com/events

Brett Dennen https://brettdennen.live/