Allentown Arts Fest 2018 – By: Janel Spiegel

By: Janel Spiegel

Allentown Arts Fest September 28-30, 2018

2018 Festival Poster designed by Ryan Lynn

Allentown Arts Fest is exceptional. The past few years Arts Fest had to deal with the rain gods. This year Arts Fest is rain free and it was packed. Arts Fest is held at Cedar Beach 2600 parkway Blvd, Allentown, PA and it is Free to attend the event. Arts Fest has something for everyone. You can take the entire family. They have street art, a skate park, live music, Alternative Clubhouse (for kids to create one-of-a-kind crafts), Upcycling (turning old materials into new art), craft beer & wine. When you enter Arts Fest it is a wonderful, uplifting vibe. Artist like Michael Bilski was there selling his art work. He had a cool coloring book for sale, “Fun with Color” by Michael Bilski. You are greeted by Arts Fest staff who are more than happy to assist with anything. The Allentown Police were on-hand also. They were keeping everyone safe. This year Arts Fest was packed. There were people everywhere.

Families came out and they had face painting for kids, a skate park, and the street art where the artists paint on huge murals with water as the background. Artist like, See TF who painted such a beautiful life like mural. It stood out. Artist Damien Mitchell painted a life-like mural that was next to See TF and it was just beautiful to look at. There was music and musicians throughout the festival. You can walk around and look at all the stands. All of the artists are so cool to talk with. They answer questions and it is a lot of fun to watch some of the artist’s work right there in front of you.

I spoke with a few of the artists and they were incredibly excited about the turn out this year for Arts Fest. The crowds of people who came to see art, have fun, meet friends and grab some delicious fun from one of the many food vendors there. This year’s Arts Fest was beautifully done. Brandon Wunder, Bernie Reinert and Rob Riegel of The Alternative Gallery located in Allentown, Pa were there helping out and getting people where they needed to go.

Arts Fest is a place you want to visit if you are local to the Lehigh Valley or even if you are visiting from somewhere else. It was set-up great and there was additional parking to handle the large crowds of people. It was simple yet incredible. Artist Elizabeth Spiegel of Circle Ink said, “Arts Fest rocked. It was a village of artists together.”

You could see the comradery among the artists. If you get the opportunity you must go to Arts Fest. It is so much fun and the vibes are so positive.


The featured artists:

HaggisVitae Studios


Darktown Studios

D-Wreck Productions – I stood and watched him work for a little bit and he is an incredible artist. He also made the Zombie/Walker painting with the hand coming out of it with a torn canvas. He took a torn canvas and created something incredible.

The 50/50 Company

Gerry Cole Jewelry Glass & Vintage

Krampus Store

Kisatchie Studio

Handmade Art Studios


Kitty Couture

Batty Boutique

After Words Actors Studio – It was so nice speak with Kathy. She is absolutely so cool.


Teeparty Vintage

Westwind Jewelry Company

Storms End Homestead


Bella Designs By Tina

Salvaged & Stitched

Build Earth Back Publications

Red Hot Gal’s Boutique

Yours Apparel

Whatever Man

LulaRoe Ashley Hileman

Hyperbole Soapery

Tripoli Terrariums

Bernadette Designs

Rust Bucket Clothing

Kooky Crocheters

Esher’s Face Painting

610 Underground

For Madmen Only

Gopi Tribe Novelties

Valley Against Sex Trafficking

The Blue Bee Art Studio

Williams Candle Co.

ACLU Lehigh Valley Chapter

Thomas Kosa Photography

Six Ten Ceramics

Night Waltz Vintage


Critical Acclaim Tattoos

Sophie’s Henna

Recovery Partnership

Memento Mori Amore

Crimson Melodies Publishing

Artist in the Attic Studios

Ryan Lynn Design

Bodacious Caricatures

Brian’s Dots

Twisted Creativity

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community

Chris P. Jones

Ashley’s an Artist

Find Your Trail

The Artist in Amy


Junk Drawer Collectibles

Yaya’s Yarns

MSD Visuals

Rowhome Vintage

AGreen Studios

Sustainable Energy Fund

LV Transgender Renaissance

Caravan Cigar Company

Pamela Lobst Designs

Mission Pennsylvania

5 Dogs Art

BG Silversmiths

Jewelry by Christine 

Pure Sin

Surreal Goods

Stonehouse Pottery

Gallery on Fourth

Keith Shepherd Fine Art

Turning Point of the LV

The Dandy Lion Soap Co


Mowgli Art

Four Sun Studios

Dafni Greek Gourmet

Silhouette Scapes


Handy Mandy Crafts

Kai’s Rock and Roll Bowls

Step Back In Time Equine


Starscape FX of the LV

LV Girls Rock

NextGen Pennsylvania

SJ Interiors

Feathered Friends Log Homes

Sons of Allentown

JJKel Collection

Little Shop of Soaps

Omn7 Collective

W.E.L.L. Photography

Barnyard Moments

Fair Districts PA

Psane Creations

Unbounded World

XS Blast



Jazzeryn’s Catering

The Flying V

UnCommon Grounds Mobile

Faux Farms


Tiki Grill


Sara Festivals

Puertorrican Culture Preservations Inc.

Buonas Nachos




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