#theWEmovement – by Carrie Beleno


Yesterday I heard I was supposed to create this hashtag on Twitter, and if you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that I always check in with my intuition, and if it feels right, I listen. Sometimes it’s hard not to ask a thousand questions of myself or my “team,” but I’ve learned to trust.

I don’t know why I had to create it, or even what it means exactly. But I do know what it is NOT.

It’s not about the Democrats winning over the Republicans, or vice versa. It’s not about which cause gets heard or voted on, or which movement or account gains the most followers.

It’s not about one religion being the saving grace, or one race or country being the most powerful.

I DO know that this is a collective perspective, created together. It’s based on what is best for all of humanity without regard to political agenda, financing, wealth status, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or job title. It includes basic human standards of living for all, with no one disempowered in order to achieve this.

No side or cause wins if the disempowerment of even one person is the result.

How we do that exactly is my next question…and honestly, I have no idea. That’s the part we are supposed to create together.

But I do know it doesn’t include demeaning others, a war on anything, fighting for what’s “right,” exclusion from human rights for any reason and always, always, respect for human life, both physically and emotionally.

Isn’t it finally about time? I think we’ve reached the tipping point. Let’s call it a day and start #theWEmovement.

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And as always,
Live in Love.

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