Why All The Chaos? – by Carrie Beleno


Complicated times we live in, aren’t they? Seems like everything is chaotic: elections, government, weather, healthcare, school security, job security, climate change….even purchasing lottery tickets is chaotic! There’s a reason for this, and believe it or not, we have created this chaos.

But it’s not for the reason you think. It’s not an omen of the end of modern civilization. Not the apocalypse. Not a punishment for humanity.

It’s our wake-up call and we created it for a reason.

Are you giving away your power? I’m not talking about control-type power. I’m talking about self-empowerment. The kind that moves mountains and brings you joy.

Have you given away your power to money? A boss? A family member or ex? Perhaps your loss of control comes at the hand of the government, or healthcare, or perhaps your job?

Where are you placing your emotional energy? What thoughts are spinning around in your head?

If they aren’t solely around determining what you love and how to give and receive more of it daily, then you are wasting your time and precious energy. We, the collective, need your emotional energy devoted to what you love.

We have brought this chaos to us at a pivotal point in humanity. It’s our wake-up call. It all seems to be “falling down around us” so that we see a new perspective. Choose differently. Focus on what matters.

You can’t change others’ opinions or votes or focus. All you can do is be sure of who you are and what you love. It will bleed over to them and then they will have the option to join with you or not.

If you are spending time spinning around outside sources of chaos, please stop. Look inside. Determine what you love. See if you are giving and receiving that love daily. If you’re not, change your focus.

It matters.

Contact me if you need help shifting your perspective. It’s what I teach.

And as always,
Live in Love.

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