Goodbye 2018…


Last night all around the world we said goodbye to 2018 and welcomed in 2019. Humanity took a break to honor the passage of time and look to the future. I hope we can build on the momentary unity and find more ways to celebrate as one world. There is no doubt we have our differences and could never expect to agree on every aspect of life, if we could just agree that we all deserve to be here and we all matter.

2018 nationally and globally was nothing short of unimaginable as humanity and nature were thrust from high to low and back again.

· For those who survived 2018, take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back.

· For those, we lost in 2018 take time to remember them and be thankful that they were a part of our lives.

· For our personal loses in 2018, take a few mental notes to learn from those events.

· For all our success, new friendships, and every good thing that happened in 2018, take stock and use it to build a fantastic 2019 and beyond.

All we can really control is ourselves and our outlook. Take care of yourself and those around you. Lead by example and let your outlook be a positive beacon for others to follow.


Warm wishes for all in 2019,


The Valley Ledger