Lehigh County is Your Resource for Recycling Needs This Spring Cleaning


Lehigh County Provides Information on Municipal Composting, Waste Disposal Sites and Electronic Recycling


(Allentown, PA)- “Out with the old and in the with the new.” The start of spring doesn’t just bring pollen and fresh flowers; it also means it’s time for the annual spring cleaning in which many engage.

While Earth Day officially ended over two weeks ago, it’s still important to remember that conservation, recycling and responsible disposal are lifelong commitments that will help preserve the planet.

Lehigh County is encouraging its residents to utilize the Solid Waste Management link on the website to help residents make informed decisions about recycling best practices.

The link can be found here: https://www.lehighcounty.org/Departments/Solid-Waste-Management.

The Solid Waste Management page offers residents information on municipal recycling programs in each of the county’s municipalities, including which items are accepted as well as contact information for each to help residents navigate the site requirements.

For example, Allentown’s Municipal Recycling Site is open to all county residents, but its yard waste disposal service is available to only residents of the city upon proof of residency.

Lehigh County also boasts at least two certified electronic waste, or e-waste, recyclers that operate locally and continually within the county.  They’re certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to recycle these items.

These firms are GER Solutions, LLC and AERC Recycling Solutions.  Residents can find information on these two firms on the Electronic Waste section of the Solid Waste Management page.  These firms are fee for service, but prevent electronic waste from being hazardously and unsafely disposed of on roadways or being left in alleyways.

Businesses will also find the page to be a valuable resource, as it provides the information of services available in the area for businesses to responsibly get rid of their waste.

For those who ask just what the impact and importance is of recycling all these items, the page offers vital information on the impacts of recycling everything from paper to glass.

For example, 90% of recyclable newspapers are thrown away annually, which is the equivalent of throwing 500,000 trees into a landfill every week.

“We want residents to understand that our Solid Waste Management page functions as a great resource and one-stop shop for those looking to practice the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle.  It’s an incredible informational tool that ensures people and businesses can make not only informed decisions, but do their own individual part in keeping the planet safe for the next generation,” said Rick Molchany, Director of General Services.

In the future, Lehigh County does anticipate holding a Household Hazardous Waste disposal event in early 2020.  These household items are things which can be defined as toxic, flammable or corrosive.

These items include pesticides, wood finisher or nail polish remover among many others.  A more detailed description of these items and alternatives to them can be found on the county website.

The county also encourages residents to consider reuse prior to disposal, as it is cheaper and reduces wasteful consumption.  For example, instead of discarding leftover fertilizer, inquire as to whether a neighbor needs it as opposed to them purchasing more.

For additional information on best practices for environmental protection, those interested can visit https://www.keeppabeautiful.org/.


Information provided to TVL by:
Joshua Siegel
Public Information Officer
County of Lehigh, Office of the County Executive
17 S. 7th Street, 4th Floor, Suite 436
Allentown, PA 18101