Immigrant Rights Organizations React to E-Verify Bill Passing PA House

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HB 1170 passes PA State House , advancing dangerous E-Verify bill to the State Senate


HARRISBURG– Monday, June 17, 2019 – Pennsylvania House Representatives passed HB 1170, a terrible bill designed to attack immigrants and impose the deeply flawed and bureaucratic E-Verify system on businesses in Pennsylvania.

Employer verification will make it impossible for undocumented employees to get work by cross-referencing their information with federal guidelines. E-verify will push immigrants further into the shadows and reward unscrupulous off-the-books employers by allowing them to take advantage of vulnerable Pennsylvanians who need the work and bypass the broken system.

Members of undocumented communities stand at risk of being deported and families could be ripped apart. The horrific images played out at the border will continue in Pennsylvania if this passes the  Senate. Immigrant advocacy groups like CASA, Casa San Jose, and Make the Road PA advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that doesn’t harm workers and communities.

“The House voted overwhelmingly in support of a bill that will hurt thousands of Pennsylvania immigrant workers. E-Verify has no place in PA and our members and allies will continue to fight against this harmful program and for the future of our immigrant families.” said Maegan Llerena, Director of Make the Road PA.

“This anti-immigrant, anti worker legislation is bad for Pennsylvania. The E-verify program is deeply flawed and will drive workers into a shadow economy where we all stand to lose,” said  Elizabeth Alex, Regional Director of CASA.

“We are disappointed in those Democrats in the Pennsylvania House for voting with Republicans on an anti-immigration agenda.  E-verify is a divisive policy that harms not only immigrants but thousands of workers regardless of their legal status.” Monica Ruiz, Director, Casa San Jose (Pittsburgh)

“This bill is a cynical attempt by certain politicians to blame new immigrants for our hard times. We need to stand together as working people, no matter our race or country of origin, and reject attempts to divide us against each other.” Hannah Laurison, Director, Pennsylvania Stands Up.

With almost 100,000 members across the states of Maryland, Virginia, and South Central Pennsylvania, CASA is the largest member-based Latino and immigrant organization in the mid-Atlantic region. CASA organizes with and litigates on behalf of low-wage immigrants.

Visit us at and follow us on Twitter at @CASAforall

Make the Road PA builds power for justice in Pennsylvania Latino communities in Allentown, Reading and NE Philadelphia

Casa San Jose is a community resource center that advocates for and empowers Latinos by promoting integration and self-sufficiency.

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Ashleigh Strange