Doug Yasinsky “Masked Mutilator” – A Special Premiere Showing at the Roxy Theatre Northampton | By: Janel Spiegel

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By: Janel Spiegel

Doug Yasinsky stars in Masked Mutilator. He took some time to shae details about the movie with The Valley Ledger.

The Masked Mutilator was written by Ed Polgardy and Dale Schneck. It was directed by Brick Bronsky (Jeff Beltzner)

Masked Mutilator stars: Christine Appino, Brick Bronsky, Chet Cole, James DeBello, Andrew Denzel, Jim “Tank” Dorsey, Glenn Hetrick, Jack Hill, Steve Mittman, Heidi Shelhamer, Jeff Sibbach, Paul Sutt, Tom Taylor and Doug Yasinsky.

“Fabrizio Bondi composed an original score and orchestrated that score from his studios in Rome for our film.”

Masked Mutilator was shot in the Lehigh Valley. The cast and the crew are all locals in the Lehigh Valley. I spoke with Pro-wrestler turned actor, Doug Yasinsky who stars in Masked Mutilator. He talked about the film and it was filmed in Slatedale, PA. The cast and crew are all local to the Lehigh Valley. The movie was originally shot in 1994 and they knew they had to get this movie finished. There will be a special screening at The Roxy Northampton Theatre on October 25th and October 26th.

Doug is so excited for everyone to see this movie. He is thrilled for the wrestling fans and the horror fans to see the completed project. You can get tickets at the door. It starts at 9:30 PM.

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