Statement from Lamont McClure concerning the Francis E. Walter Dam

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Featured Image: Aerial photograph of the Francis E. Walter Dam and Reservoir, taken from the eastern side of the dam. (Photo Credit – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

Statement from Lamont McClure on New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s Proposal to take Control of the Francis E. Walter Dam and the water it discharges into the Lehigh River


Lamont McClure wants the residents of Northampton County to know that the County is closely monitoring New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection’s proposal to assume control of the flow of water from the Francis E. Walter Dam which feeds the Lehigh River. In cases of drought, New York City wants to redirect the flow to the Delaware River to prevent salt from the ocean moving upstream and contaminating drinking water.


“The Lehigh River is an important resource for Northampton County and other communities,” says Lamont McClure. “Our residents enjoy the river for both recreation and as a water source. I am coordinating with Representative Susan Wild’s office and community leaders to make sure the interests of our local tourism businesses and fishermen are protected.”


Director of Public Works Mike Emili, P.E., will attend the public meeting in White Haven on Thursday regarding the reevaluation study for the Francis E. Walter Dam and Reservoir, and will monitor the study that the Army Corp of Engineers is conducting.


Information provided to TVL by:
Becky Bartlett
Deputy Director of Administration
Northampton County Government Center
669 Washington Street
Easton, PA 18042