PBS39 Nominated for 12 Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy® Awards

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The regional nominations were announced on a virtual webinar.


Bethlehem, PA. – August 6, 2020 – On Wednesday August 5, 2020, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy® Award nominations were announced on a virtual zoom webinar. PBS39 was nominated for 12 awards in 10 categories including: feature news report serious, business/consumer news single story, education/schools news single story, health-news single story, historical/cultural program/special, interview/discussion, program/special, sports news single story, sports news feature, talent program host/moderator and video journalist.

“I am extremely proud of our entire team of reporters, editors, producers and beyond as they continue to be increasingly recognized for their work” Tim Fallon, Chief Executive Officer of PBS39 said. “While we do not do this work for the recognition, it is an honor to be recognized by our peers.”

In the category of feature news report, serious, PBS39 was nominated for Two Months Later: Where is Dulce Maria Alavez, a report examining the trend in missing children of color. Nominees include: K.C. Lopez and Jim Deegan. In the category of business/consumer news single story, PBS39 was nominated for Miracle Ride: Medical 3D Printing & Bicyclesa report on a man who used the medical miracle of 3D printed prosthetic limbs to get around after a motorcycle accident, as well as Robo Milkabout the changing of American farms. Nominees for Miracle Ride are Megan Frank and Jeff Frederick; nominees for Robo Milk are Chloe Nouvelle and Jim Deegan. In the category of education/schools-news single story, PBS39 was nominated for Getting Byabout a rural elementary school struggling to stock desks with books. Nominees include Chloe Nouvelle and Jim Deegan. In the category of health news single story, PBS39 was nominated for Altering the Human Genome which explores how CRISPR gene editing offers a world of possibilities for those with untreatable genetic diseases. Nominees include K.C. Lopez and Jim Deegan.

In the category of historical cultural program/special, PBS39 was nominated for Forged in Steel: Roots of American Soccer, a 30-minute documentary which chronicles the history of America’s first soccer dynasty. Nominees for this special include: Yoni Greenbaum, Michael Novak, Jeffrey Frederick, April Maddona, Zach Wisneskie, Daniel Ray, Tavia Minnich and Anastasia Weckerly.

In the category of interview/discussion program/special Grover Silcox as well as Jeff Cameria, Michael Novak, Zach Wisneskie, Yoni Greenbaum and April Maddona were nominated for Counter Culture, PBS39’s talk show in a diner. In the category of sports news single story, PBS39 was nominated for In Pursuit of Perfection, the Cinderella success story of the Bethlehem Catholic Girls’s Basketball team, and in the sports news feature category, for A Sign of Swim, about a Parkland High deaf boy who found success in coaching swimming. In Pursuit of Perfection nominees include: Tracy Yatsko, Javier Diaz, Daniel Ray, Anastasia Weckerly, Jim Deegan and Eric Werner. A Sign of Swim nominees include: Chloe Nouvelle and Jim Deegan

In the category of talent program host/moderator, Grover Silcox was nominated. Lastly, in the category of video journalist, K.C. Lopez and Brittany Sweeney were nominated for their excellence in their journalistic work.

The 2020 Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy® Awards will be presented via a virtual ceremony on September 19, 2020.


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