Video Gaming for Positive WellBeing

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Are you struggling to maintain motivation and social connection during these times of crisis, panic, and social isolation? Trying to find streams to watch, video games to play, shows to replay just to get your mind off all the negativity and endulge yourself into another world? You are not alone. Video games, apps, and streaming can be a POSITIVE coping method when you know the pros and cons. Come learn the positives of utilizing geek entertainment at home, in the classroom, and in your careers.


Virtual Seminar with followup Q&A discussions by the WeDiscoverGeeks Mental Health RoundTable Team. Registration includes attendance to seminar, worksheet download, and entry in our giveaway to be announced LIVE on the WeDiscoverGeeks Mental Health RoundTable 10/16/2020 7pm EST


Mrs. Mahoney is the Owner/Visionary Director of WeDiscoverGeeks. She attended Hawaii Pacific University for Computer Science and has over 25 years in the Technology and Electronic Entertainment Industry. She is an advisor for educators, professionals, and parents on utilizing geek edutainment for their classrooms, careers, and life at work, home, or school. She is also a Mental Health & Technology Consultant for the Google Health Team and Speaker at Conventions, Events, and Conferences

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