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Candlelight Vigil in Downtown Easton – LVDSA and Asian Americans of Lehigh Valle

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Easton, PA – Asian Americans of Lehigh Valley and the Lehigh Valley chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America are co-hosting a candlelight vigil in downtown Easton Saturday night to honor the victims of the recent Atlanta, GA shooting and denounce the rise in racist violence against Asian Americans.

The gathering will begin in Centre Square at 7 PM on Saturday, April 3rd. The organizers will distribute and light candles with accommodation for social distancing.

The gathering is intended to provide a space to process grief and express solidarity, with reflections provided by individual members of the AAPI (Asian-American & Pacific Islander) community.

Taiba Sultana, founder of Asian Americans of Lehigh Valley and a candidate for Easton City Council, offered the following statement:

“Hate and brutality against any race isn’t satisfactory whatsoever. As a victim of racism, I’ve lived in that dread for a really long time. Now I choose to end this stifling silence. I have marched against police brutality for our African American brothers and sisters. I will not hesitate to rally against hate directed towards our kindred Asian brothers and sisters. I’m weary of being quiet. Now it is time we show the world that bigotry, disdain and violence are not welcome in our communities. 

“We all believe in peace and love and the rights of everyone to live their lives in safety regardless of their ethnicity, gender, political or religious beliefs and we refuse to let selfish and violent acts like this divide us or change who we are.” 

Masking and social distancing are required.

The Facebook event for the vigil is listed below, and the flyer is attached.

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Lehigh Valley Democratic Socialists of America