The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the Shadow Cast from Sweet Translucent Dreams. | Review & Photos By: Janel Spiegel

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Story & Photos By: Janel Spiegel

The Emmaus Theatre Presents:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the Shadow Cast from
Sweet Translucent Dreams.

19 South 4th Street

Emmaus, PA 18049


Have you ever just “had the time of your life?” I know many of us have had so much fun we forget to check our phones; we forget about everyday nonsense and shenanigans that are going on in our lives. Tonight, under the full moon, at The Emmaus Theatre, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was playing with the live shadow cast from Sweet Translucent Dreams. The theatre was packed with an excited audience. People from all walks of life gathered in Emmaus for the show. The cast was absolutely mind-blowing.

Per usual, let’s take a moment to talk about The Rocky Horror Picture Show which is the creation of Mr. Richard O’Brien, LEGEND extraordinaire. It’s a “Science fiction double feature” out of this world cult classic. I have seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show so many times, I lost count. My friend Roxanne Frei and her amazingly talented husband Dave Frei who is a photographer with an amazing photography studio was the photographer for many of the live shadow cast shows.

Back to Rocky Horror, Richard O’Brien wrote the original music play and Jim Sharman directed. The film also stars Richard O’Brien, Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick Patricia Quinn who is another ICON! Peter Hinwood, Charles Gray, Nell Campbell, and God rest His Rock N Roll Soul, Meatleaf who will be FOREVER remembered and celebrated for some of the best music EVER made.

It was the night before Easter as families and friends gather together to celebrate. Friends and family gathered to celebrate The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Emmaus Theatre has been around for a long time. They did remodel inside the concession stand. Triple Sun Spirits was also in-house making drinks. ( They have a wide-variety of drinks and they do distillery tours. The popcorn is made fresh, everyone got popcorn. It’s said to be some of the best popcorn so make sure you try it is you visit The Emmaus Theatre.

The Emmaus Theatre has some great films coming up including Half Baked, How High, Dazed and Confused, The Big Lebowski, Mallrats, and more.

This shadow cast was so INCREDIBLE. They were energetic, so into the whole movie. They sold prop bags for $2, they had t-shirts for sale. They had the hearse on display out front of the theatre. The entire audience was in fill audience participation mode, yelling lines back to the cast. The prop bags were filled with fun stuff. The theatre was filled with toilet paper as toilet paper just went flying everywhere as “Great Scott” is one of the key phrases.

If you have never experienced this, don’t wait, just do it. Experience it, it’s fantastic. It’s a blast. The gentleman that played our beloved Richard O’Brien’s Riff Raff was awesome and Clint portrayed Dr. Frank-N-Furter, he absolutely rocked. They made it fun. The entire cast put so much effort into everything. Under the full moon in Emmaus, another crowd of wondrous of “earthlings” did the Time Warp together, threw toilet paper, blew bubbles and celebrated the out of this galaxy experience that is, The Rocky Horror Picture Show with this astonish shadow cast.


Sweet Translucent Dreams

The Emmaus Theatre

By:  Janel Spiegel -Interviewer/Writer
@Butterflyms on Instagram 
@ButterflyJMS on Twitter