McDonald’s Serves Holiday Comfort for the Homeless

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(ALLENTOWN, PA) – Owner/Operator Sean McIntryre and his team at the Emmaus McDonald’s have pledged to provide a holiday meal every quarter for the homeless men staying at the Allentown Rescue Mission. They donated the first meal a few days before Christmas and followed up with a second meal the day before Easter.

The McDonald’s team decided to donate the meals around the holidays to break up the men’s daily routines and make their holidays more special. Michael Johnson, Emmaus Supervisor, delivered sixty meals to feed all of the men currently residing at the Allentown Rescue Mission. The men enjoyed hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and fries.

The Emmaus McDonald’s management group chose the Allentown Rescue Mission as a recipient of their donations based on the good work of the Mission. They wanted to support a local organization where they could directly see the community’s contributions impact people in need. “Bad things happen to good people; we want to let them know that we care about them and make them feel special. We can provide comfort and support to the men through food”, stated Johnson.

“What touched me was the McDonald’s team’s desire to honor all of our men,” expressed Francisco Ortiz, Food Services Manager at the Allentown Rescue Mission. “We continue to serve meals to men in our three distinct programs at different times to follow COVID protocol. Mr. Johnson expressed interest in delivering the food at each group’s scheduled mealtime so all the men had fresh, hot meals.”

The food donations have been a welcomed surprise for the men. Anthony, a client in the Transformation Program, said, “This was a wonderful treat!” And Bob, another Transformation Program client, raved, “It’s been such a long time since I’ve had McDonald’s. I loved it!”

The Allentown Rescue Mission, a 501c3, 123 bed non-profit homeless shelter has been providing shelter for homeless men since 1900. In addition to emergency shelter services (365 days a year), the Allentown Rescue Mission offers a residential life skills program, and transitional employment on the Clean Team Workforce that’s available for hire to the community. The Clean Team Workforce pays the men above PA state minimum wage– helping them save a nest egg to transition back into the community. In a typical year, the Allentown Rescue Mission provides shelter services for over 946 men per year, and serves over 42,000 meals a year to men in need.

To refer someone to the Allentown Rescue Mission for services or to learn ways you can help make a difference please visit


Information provided to TVL by:
Stefanie Appel
Community Relations
Allentown Rescue Mission