City of Easton Two-Way Ring Road Conversion Project set to begin next week downtow

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An important component of the Centre Square Renovation Project is about to get underway. The Two-Way Ring Road Conversion Project will begin on Monday, June 20 and last for approximately 3 weeks. Ferry Street, Spring Garden Street, and 2nd Street downtown will become two-way roads, the same as was done to 4th Street several years ago, to improve traffic flow through the city.

The roadways will be converted in stages by section. The city will close each section of a roadway prior to the start of work using barricades and a ROAD CLOSED sign placed at the starting point where the road is closed to all traffic. The Easton Police Department will post signs for all closures 72 hours in advance so drivers can move their cars. Cars that are not moved will be towed.

The city expects each section to be closed for one day only. When a roadway reopens, it will be with the new two-way traffic pattern in place and operational. The project will start on Ferry Street between S. 4th St. and S. 3rd St. Next will be Ferry St. from S. 3rd St. to S. 2nd St., continuing up S. 2nd St. to Northampton St.

The intersection at Spring Garden St. & N. 2nd St., is undergoing a required traffic survey. It, as well as the intersections at N. 3rd St. & Spring Garden St., and N. 4th St. & Spring Garden St. and will be completed as soon as the survey is finished. The work is being performed by PennDOT contractor Grace Industries of Bath.

WHEN:  Starting the week of June 20 and culminating the end of the week of July 4., weather permitting.

WHERE: Downtown streets – Ferry St., Spring Garden St., and 2nd St.

Information provided to TVL by:
Tracey Werner, Marketing Consultant