Jac Filer has written his first Advent Devotional book, Preparing for Jesus.

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Preparing for Jesus is a 28-day journey through Jesus’ family tree, meant to turn your heart and mind toward the coming King as you prepare to celebrate his arrival.

On this journey, you will encounter some familiar and not-so-familiar ancestors of Jesus, starting with Abraham and ending with Joseph and Mary. You will meet heroes and villains. And you will read stories of victories and failures.

As you take this journey, reading each entry through the lens of the Christmas story and your own experiences, each day’s entry will guide you as you take another step closer to Jesus and invite Him more fully into your heart, mind, and journey.

The book is available through all book distributors on Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Follett, Ingram, and Bright Communications.

About the Author
Jac Filer is a lifelong resident of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he presently lives with his family. Since 2020, he has been enjoying a second career as a freelance Christian writer, and is an ongoing contributor to multiple blogs, web sites, and devotional apps.  Preparing for Jesus is Jac’s first book.

Please visit Jac’s LinkedIn account below to learn more about this author: 

LinkedIn:  Jac Filerhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jacfiler/

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