Events at Nurture Nature Center, Easton

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Three events, DARTing toward Asteroids, Observe the Moon, and an October Star Party are on our FB page.

The first two events take place at Nurture Nature, 518 Northampton St., Easton.  The Star Party, the last for the year, takes  place with telescopes set up in Scott Park, Easton, near the confluence of the two rivers.

Nurture Nature Center is open to the public every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, noon – 4 pm.  We currently have two art shows (The Life and Work of Earl C. Stocker and Connecting to Nature in Northampton County, photos by Sherry Acevedo) and guests are encouraged to explore guided information on the Science on a Sphere.  Nurture Nature Center’s mission is to encourage dialogue about environmental issues in the community using both art and science.


Information provided to TVL by:
Liesel Dreisbach
Program Coordinator