Penn State Extension to offer Landowner Role in Orphaned Abandoned Wells webinar

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Many conventional oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania are on private land. Landowners who host these wells may want to consider the future of these wells and the liability they might have. Pennsylvania has a record amount of funding to plug older wells, but often, it will require some cooperation from landowners who host these wells. Landowners may be able to locate where roads are temporarily constructed and how the infrastructure that is attached to these wells is handled. They may have considerable influence throughout the entire process and may also be able to assist the regulator and the well plugger in locating unmapped wells and infrastructure. Join us to learn more about the regulations and process of cleaning up these potential problems on your property.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, May 30th, at noon. The webinar is free, and pre-registration is required. Register ASAP, as space is limited to 500 participants. Registered participants will receive a recording. You can register at the following website . Any questions about this webinar can be directed to Dan Brockett at


Information provided to TVL by:
Ingrid Garcia