Delaware River Sojourn Committee Honors High Admirals in Northampton County

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The 27th annual Delaware River Sojourn was hosted June 17-25, 2022 from the Upper Delaware in New York to the Bordentown Beach in New Jersey. The 2022 sojourn theme is The River Rocks highlighting the vast geologic landscape within the Delaware River Corridor, as part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

Lamont McClure is proud that Northampton County Parks and Recreation serves on the Delaware River Sojourn Steering Committee with multiple partnering organizations. Each day is planned by a team of partners within their respective regions. Day 3, June 20th and Day 4, June 21 was planned and coordinated by the following partners: Brodhead Watershed Association, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), Penn State Extension and Master Watershed Steward Program, Northampton County Parks and Recreation, Warren County, Musconetcong Watershed Association, Martins-Jacoby Watershed Association, and individual volunteers.

In both days, over 100 sojourners paddled from the Bushkill Access in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to the Ramsaysburg Historical Site, NJ, with an afternoon program hosted at the County’s Portland access.

On June 21st, Brad Kunsman, Penn State Extension and Master Watershed Steward Program, Sandy Schultz, retired National Park Service Administrator from the Upper Delaware River Scenic & Recreational River, and John Mauser, Martins-Jacoby Watershed Association honored Sherry Acevedo, Conservation Coordinator, Northampton County Parks & Recreation with the High Admiral Award for her Lifetime Achievement in her career in conservation. Brad stated “Sherry’s career in parks, recreation, trails, volunteer management, open space, and land conservation is recognized for decades of work in the Lehigh Valley, Lehigh Valley Greenways Conservation Landscape, Northampton County, and Monroe County.” Sandy commented “We honor her lifelong achievement as a partner in the Delaware River Water Trail, environmental education, trails, and open space in the Delaware and Lehigh River Watersheds”.

Also on June 21st, Sherry Acevedo, Bryan Cope, Superintendent of Northampton County Parks and Recreation, and John Mauser, Martins-Jacoby Watershed Association honored Lance Prator at the afternoon program in the Borough of Portland. Sherry remarked “Lance is honored for his dedication and advocacy to the community of the Borough of Portland, the Liberty-Water Gap Trail Alliance PA Extension, THE LINK, open space, and the Delaware River Watershed in Northampton County. His efforts as the previous Mayor of Portland Borough demonstrates a collaborative municipal partnership with Northampton County and other organizations on regional projects in support of parks, trails, and recreation.”

Congratulations to both Sherry and Lance on their High Admiral Awards! Other past recipients honored include Lamont G. McClure, Northampton County Executive in 2021 and Bryan Cope, Open Space Coordinator in 2017. Lamont was given the High Admiral Award for his outstanding leadership, support, and dedication in Northampton County open space, parks, trails, and waterways including the Delaware River. Bryan was honored with the Lord High Admiral Award for his continued dedication to preserving land that can be enjoyed by all in the Delaware & Lehigh River corridors.

Information provided to TVL by:
Becky Bartlett
Deputy Director of Administration
Northampton County Government Center
669 Washington Street
Easton, PA 18042