Reducing Crime Seminar: Tamaqua, PA Achieves Remarkable 42% Crime Risk Reduction in 10 Years

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Tamaqua, PA: Tamaqua Area Community Partnership is pleased to announce the upcoming “Reducing Crime Seminar,” which will shed light on Tamaqua’s incredible achievement of a 42% reduction in Crime Risk over the past decade. The seminar aims to empower residents by sharing insights into the successful strategies implemented by the community, as well as providing practical tips for reducing crime risks in neighborhoods.

Scheduled for May 31, 2023, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, this enlightening event will take place at the esteemed Tamaqua Community Arts Center, located at 125 Pine St., Tamaqua, PA 18252.

The seminar promises to be an informative and engaging opportunity for residents to learn valuable techniques that can contribute to a safer community.

During the seminar, attendees will have the privilege of hearing from speakers who played integral roles in Tamaqua’s remarkable crime reduction efforts. The list of presenters includes:

  • Micah Gursky – Tamaqua Area Community Partnership
  • Michael Hobbs – Tamaqua Police Chief
  • Alan Lynch – Network Director of Safety & Security at Luke’s University Health Network

These esteemed individuals will share their expertise, experiences, and practical advice on crime prevention, community engagement, and fostering a culture of safety within neighborhoods.

The Reducing Crime Seminar is made possible through the generous sponsorship of the Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative, Rural LISC, and the Tamaqua Area Community Partnership. Their commitment to supporting this event demonstrates a shared vision for safer communities and a collective dedication to empowering individuals in Tamaqua.

Registration for this enlightening seminar is now open. The cost of attendance is $45 per person, offering a valuable investment in learning strategies that can significantly reduce crime risks.

Interested individuals are encouraged to reserve their seats early to secure a spot at this highly anticipated event.

To register for the Reducing Crime Seminar and to find additional information about the event, please visit

About Tamaqua Area Community Partnership: Tamaqua Area Community Partnership is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families in Tamaqua and the surrounding areas. Through collaborative efforts and community-driven initiatives, Tamaqua Area Community Partnership strives to foster a safe, inclusive, and vibrant community for all residents.

About Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative: The Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative is a national program focused on implementing effective strategies to reduce violent crime in rural communities. By providing resources and support, the initiative aims to create safer environments and enhance the well-being of individuals residing in rural areas.

About Rural LISC: Rural LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation) is a national non-profit organization committed to transforming rural communities and improving the lives of people living in those areas. Rural LISC works with local partners to provide financial, technical, and capacity-building assistance, empowering residents and strengthening rural regions across the United States.


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