Follow the star to a new Christmas tradition in Bethlehem | #FollowTheBethlehemStar

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#FollowTheBethlehemStar initiative encourages people to explore all of The Christmas City  

Bethlehem, PA (November 17, 2023) – O star of wonder, star of light, star with royal beauty bright — Bethlehem is inviting visitors and residents to follow the Bethlehem Star to a new Christmas tradition. The city plans to set up a giant Bethlehem Star in a different location each holiday season. 

City workers will move a 15-foot tall glowing star to different Bethlehem locations in future years. Angela Stein, Bethlehem’s Director of Mayor’s Initiatives said, “We want to demonstrate Christmas cheer in every corner of the city. People know the most popular spots like the historic downtown and Christkindlmarkt, but we want to show them how much there is to enjoy throughout all of Bethlehem.” 

The star made its debut in Bethlehem’s Payrow Plaza in 2022. “People just loved it. It was an Instagram sensation and brought a lot of positive attention to the city. It was so popular that members of the Citizens Christmas City Committee decided we need to share this light all over the city,” said Tammy Wendling Senior Vice President of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce. 

#FollowTheBethlehemStar to create your own adventure
In addition to finding the nomadic star, city leaders are inviting people to complete a holiday star search that includes two other Bethlehem stars. Stein said, “As you follow each star, you’ll take a journey through Bethlehem making magical memories. That’s greater than any gift that you’ll find in a box.” The Citizens Christmas City Committee is encouraging people to share their star journeys on social media using the hashtag #FollowTheBethlehemStar. 

One star that’s more than 90 feet tall towers over the city from Bethlehem’s South Mountain. “This one is easy to check off your list since you can see it from up to 20 miles away. I personally love the view of it from Main Street as I look towards the mountain. You can almost imagine how the Magi felt following the first star of Bethlehem when you see it beaming from the mountain side,” said Wendling.

The final star is embedded into Historic Downtown Bethlehem’s Main Street. The 50-foot by 30-foot granite creation welcomes visitors into town. “This star adds so much character to the street. I love that when you go to see this one, you’ll undoubtedly find thousands more. They shine from windows, hang on door frames, adorn buildings, glitter in jewelry, and so much more,” said Stein. 

History of the stars in Bethlehem
According to the Christmas story, a star shone over the stable where Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The Moravian church used this imagery in their handmade crafts. In 1741, Moravian settlers brought their stars to America where they dubbed a new Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. “The star proclaims the hope of Advent,” the Moravian Church notes online. “The star reminds us of God, who caused the light to shine out of darkness and of the light which is the life of humanity.”

Today, Moravian Stars and Bethlehem Stars shine from homes and hills throughout Bethlehem, PA. “The stars are a beautiful representation of our city. When people think of Bethlehem, they think of stars,” said Bethlehem Mayor J. William Reynolds.


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