Three weekends of original performances on topics of disability, indoctrination, and intergenerational play

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Touchstone’s Thesis Projects features new work from the MFA class of 2024

BETHLEHEM, PA – The Touchstone Theatre/Moravian University MFA class of 2024 debuts three weekends of original performance pieces that explore disability, indoctrination, and theatrical jazz this April. Performances from the students begin on April 4th and 5th by MFA candidate Larry Mason, continue April 11th and 12th by MFA candidate Tyler Garrett, and culminate on April 20th and 21st with MFA candidate Ms. Latrice/Distinctly Unique.  

This season marks the fifth year of Touchstone’s partnership with Moravian University, converting the theatre’s long-standing apprenticeship into an MFA-granting program. The 2024 MFA Thesis Projectsprovides the students an opportunity to premier their own original performances. This year’s MFA Thesis Projects features three performances: one Forum Theatre performance, a one-act play followed by dialogue with an indoctrination expert, and one theatrical jazz-inspired game/audience-interactive experience.

The first weekend of performances, on April 4th and 5th at 8pm at the Charles A. Brown Ice House, will debut Larry Mason’s Kicking That Boulder…. A Forum Theatre performance in three acts that focuses on disability. What happens when one’s life is consumed by proving that they are more than just their disability? Unfortunately, our lead character learns this lesson the hard way when he focuses on proving his strength over everything else.

The second weekend of performances on April 11th and 12th at 8pm at Touchstone Theatre will debut Tyler Garrett’s Out of The Cave. An exploration of ‘small town’ American life and indoctrination through the lens of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”. In an isolated society of people, one Boy sets off on a journey to discover the truth, but heads down a path that might be his exile… After the play, there will be a dialogue between Mr. Garrett and an expert on indoctrination and its effects.

The third weekend of performances on April 20th at 8pm and 21st at 3pm will debut Ms. Latrice Young’s Express Yourself: Intergenerational Play – a no-experience-necessary, theatrical jazz-inspired game and interactive audience experience. Developed over six months through a series of workshops, these performances serve as both a sharing of what the workshop participants created and an opportunity for the audience to play along in their own way. Come creatively express yourself and enjoy a fun community building experience!

Touchstone’s season is sponsored by Astound Broadband. Media sponsorship is provided by WDIY and Lehigh Valley with Love, and print sponsorship is provided by Working Dog Press. Touchstone is also generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

The MFA Thesis Projects take place on the weekends of April 4th-April 21st at the Charles A. Brown Ice House and Touchstone Theatre. Tickets and show information varies for each performance. For more information about the events and to purchase tickets, please visit



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