ASR Media Promotes 3 Team Members

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The company promoted three existing employees, Ethan Arner, Dakota Reinike and Sara Viteri.

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (April 16, 2024)—Emmy® award-winning ASR Media today announced the promotions of Ethan Arner to director of photography, Dakota Reinike to senior editor and Sara Viteri to senior producer. The promotions support ASR Media’s growth strategy for the next decade.

“These promotions not only recognize Ethan, Dakota and Sara’s exceptional contributions but also underscore our firm belief in nurturing talent from within,” said ASR Media Owner Ashley Russo. “As we continue to chart a course for growth and innovation, I have full confidence that their leadership and expertise will be instrumental in elevating our company to new heights.”

Arner, as the director of photography, will play a crucial role in molding the visual storyline of every project undertaken by the production company. He will use his expertise to create a distinctive visual style and aesthetic for each project in collaboration with directors, producers, and other key stakeholders during pre-production. During the production phase, Arner will be responsible for overseeing all visual execution aspects, including camera operation, shot composition, lighting, and camera movement. In addition, he will meticulously select and maintain camera equipment, ensuring that the right tools are used for each shot and that all equipment is in optimal working condition. On set, he will lead the camera and lighting crew, delegate tasks, and ensure clear communication to ensure a seamless production process.

Arner joined ASR Media’s team in June 2021 as lead camera and has received one Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy® award. Prior to joining ASR Media, Arner worked for two years at a real estate marketing firm, where he honed his skills in photography, videography and editing. He then freelanced, expanding his storytelling portfolio as an associate producer, camera operator and editor.

As a senior editor on ASR Media’s post-production team, Reinike will shape the visual narrative of each project undertaken by the company. With a deep understanding of editing software and advanced post-production techniques, Reinike will collaborate closely with directors, producers, and fellow creative team members to bring the creative vision of each project to fruition. Her responsibilities include providing valuable input on shot composition, pacing, and storytelling.

Reinike ensures that every edited video meets ASR Media’s quality standards and exceeds client expectations.

Reinike first worked at ASR Media as a production intern, and after graduating from DeSales University in 2018, she was welcomed to the team full-time. She has received three Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy® nominations for her work with Tails of Valor, Mikayla’s Voice, and United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley.

In her role as senior producer, Viteri will be vital in leading various projects throughout the production process, working closely with the vice president of production and director of photography. She will bring a wealth of information and research to each project, ensuring thorough preparation for shoots by collaborating with team members on deliverables. Viteri’s collaboration will extend to clients, where she will actively develop and execute each project’s creative vision. She continues to serve as an ambassador for ASR Media within the community and to provide the company with insights on best social media practices.

Viteri joined ASR Media in February 2022 and has received one Mid-Atlantic Emmy® nomination. She is responsible for producing the digital content series The PEAK and St. Luke’s HealthNow. Originally from Ecuador, Viteri moved to the Lehigh Valley as a teenager and has since aligned herself with production and director mentors in the area, eventually creating successful projects independently. Over the past 15 years, she has produced a fashion show, co-directed an original musical, and produced an award-winning short film.

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Founded in 2012, ASR Media is a seven-time Emmy® award-winning organization that specializes in video and television production services, creative direction and writing, documentary storytelling, commercial concept and development, hybrid and virtual event conception, creation, execution and recaps, and media training as well as marketing and social media placement that complement and enhance a company’s existing efforts. ASR Media assists in the development of effective strategies for creating relationships between businesses and their key audiences. Each customized project is designed to meet our client’s immediate and long-term goals.



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