Buffalo Wild Wings Voucher for Richard’s Service dog travel Expenses

October 22 2014 dine at Buffalo Wild Wings in Easton & Whitehall and 10% of all pre-taxed food sales (less alcohol and promotional discounts)  Here is the voucher for the fundraiser event at both locations of the Buffalo Wild Wings in both Easton, and Whitehall set for Wednesday, October 22nd 2014.  The voucher must be presented during the event to ensure that we receive the 10% of the bill towards our cause. 
Buffalo Wild Wings
Recently our 7-year-old son, Richard Klingensmith was approved for a Multi-purpose service dog through 4 Paws for Ability. Richard was born full term on April 17th, 2006. We noticed that at birth he had a extremely high tolerance to pain and had difficulties with sucking. He had his first seizure at 3 months of age, and was diagnosed with PVL after an MRI of the brain for the seizures. He did not speak until he was 4 years of age, prior we taught him sign language. He started to walk at age 3, and was finally potty trained at age 5. Developmentally he is at a 4 year old, even though he is 7 years of age. Richard is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, PVL (Periventricular Leukomalacia or damage to the white matter of the brain), and seizures. Richard also has Hypotonia (low muscle tone), as well as Tibia vara, in which the lower part of his legs are bowed. .He also has ongoing gastrointestinal motility and constipation issues. The hypotonia coupled with the seizures and the bowing of his lower legs makes his balance poor and he is at risk for falls. He does wear DAFO braces to stabilize his legs, but at times even with the braces, he is at risk of falling. He also wears a protective helmet for his seizures as well as the potential of falls, and also has a VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator) implant to help control his seizures.
Richard also suffers from Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, PDD-NOS, and ADHD which contribute to his constant need for routines, familiar places, and people which make interacting in social situations extremely difficult for Richard and well as us as parents. He tends to have severe meltdowns when he is in a situation that is unfamiliar or has too many stimuli involved or is too crowded and noisy. At times, his first response to an unwanted situation is to flee the area or scene without regard to his safety.
Before coming upon 4 Paws for Ability, Richard was turned down by other organizations due to either his age or that he had too many disabilities combined to be able to qualify for a service dog. 4 Paws is also one of the only agencies with no minimum age requirement and does not turn away combinations of disabilities. The Ohio-based organization trains multi-purpose service dogs to the specific needs of the individual. In Richard’s specific case, that would include tasks like behavior disruption, tethering and tracking, socialization and calming/pressure, as well as seizure alert, and balance. We believe this dog will have a dramatically positive impact on our lives, especially for Richard. Not only will the dog make life safer and less stressful for him, it will also be a constant best friend who loves him unconditionally, something that’s a blessing for a child who has to undergo many medical procedures, therapies, doctor’s visits to maintain his health, as well as curb his behaviors and to keep him safe both at home as well as in the community.