Interview with Author Larry Deibert (Requiem For A Vampire) | By: Janel Spiegel

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Featured Image: Local author Larry Deibert

Interview By: Janel Spiegel


Please tell us about the new book?  

L.D.-    Hi Janel. The new book, Requiem For A Vampire, is actually a rewrite of the original, written in 1999, and published by Mundania Press in 2007. After wrapping up all the projects I had been working on, last year, I finally decided to do my rewrite. My vampire’s name in the original version was Lani Jorgenson, but after time, I really grew tired of her name, and changed it to Elise Stanhope. I also wanted to change and add a couple of scenes. I searched forever for my manuscript on my thumb drives and CDs. I couldn’t even find a copy of the book in my house. I reached out to my kids, Laura and Matt to see if they still had their copies. Fortunately, Laura had a copy and she loaned it to me. Then I began the arduous task of dictating the book onto Microsoft Word. Being Pennsylvania Dutch, the software didn’t recognize the correct words I was saying, and some ‘new’ words were created. I would stop every three or four pages, to edit as I went along. I think the entire process took the entire summer. Finally, I finished and was able to put the manuscript in the hands of my editors. I felt the book was now complete, tighter and much more readable than the original.

RFAV was the second book I wrote in 1999. My first book was titled 95 Bravo and it was a novel loosely based on my military service, A monster at 143 thousand words, my wife, Peggy, suggested I rewrite it and take out some of the military stuff and concentrate more on my love stories. I did this in 2009 and self-published the book as Combat Boots dainty feet-Finding Love In Vietnam.

Between 1999 and 2009, I did not write anything that was worthy of publication.

What  upcoming events will you be attending?  

L.D.-    I will be signing copies of all my books at Moravian Book Shop, Bethlehem, Pa., from 1-3 on August 7th. I am also scheduled for October 30th, November 27th and December 18th, all from 1-3. I usually post my upcoming events on my website,

What advice would you offer to other writers out there?  Words of wisdom? 

L.D.-    The best advice I can give is for writers to try to write every day, even if you think what you have written is not very good. Join local writers’ groups and stay in touch with as many local writers as you can for their input. A rule of thumb is to try to write a thousand words a day. My writing schedule is very flexible and I write what I can, when I want. Don’t get discouraged.

I know COVID has been horrible for everyone.  Did you take anything positive away from 2020? 

L.D.-    Like I said earlier, I used the time to rewrite Requiem For A Vampire, I also submitted a short story, ‘653 Days’ to The Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group and it was published in their anthology, ‘Writes Of Passage’

What’s next for you,  and where can everyone get the book? 

L.D.-    I’m working on a YA novella or novel, depending on word count, where a young lady, Robyn Haake, visits England when she is twenty-one and is transported to an alternative past, where she becomes Robyn Hood. All my books are available on Amazon, and on my website, Copies of select books are also stocked at Moravian Book Shop.

What or who inspired this book?  

L.D.-    If you mean Requiem, I was inspired by the fact that I never believed a dead (undead) creature could be killed by sticking a piece of wood in an unbeating heart. My vampires can only be killed by beheading, drowning, and burning. My paranormal novellas, Fathoms and From Darkness To Light were inspired by vacationing in the Wilmington, North Carolina area. Family, my epic novel of immortality that spans 226 years came to me on a vacation to Cape Cod. I began my time travel trilogy because I have always loved Civil War history, and visiting Gettysburg helped me find an ending to the first book. I wrote The Life Of Riley to honor my late dog, Riley. One day, while working part-time at Lehigh Valley Hospital, a little girl called me Santa. She inspired me to write Santa’s Day Jobs. Combat Boots dainty feet, the shorter version of 95 Bravo was written to please my wife by making the book more female friendly. I wrote Werewolves In The Christmas City to please some of my fans. The idea for The Christmas City Angel came to me when I inquired if any of my social media friends would like to share their angel stories. About six or seven real angel stories appear in the book. A Christmas City Christmas features immortals from my book, Family. I always wanted to write a book about witches, but I didn’t have enough for a book. I combined witches, werewolves left over from my werewolf novel, and an earthbound spirt in my book Witches, Werewolves And Walter. In this book, there is an epic battle between the forces of good and evil on the Battleship North Carolina.

Who are some people that inspired you professionally?  

L.D.-    Reading Stephen King has been valuable in creating my horror characters and plots. The man is an absolute genius.

The Lehigh Valley has become a Mecca for some entertainment.  What do you think  is missing for authors/writers? 

L.D.-    The difficult thing for independent authors is getting our books stocked in the numerous book stores in the Lehigh Valley, especially the big ones. Like Barnes and Noble. I have recently submitted two of my books to Let’s Play Books in Emmaus, and I hope they will eventually stock them. I try to set up at some of the vendor events in the area, and that can be hit or miss, depending if readers are attending the event. It would be great if there were another book store only featuring independent authors. There are probably at least one-hundred published authors in the Lehigh Valley. It would be great for one of our local municipalities to host a book fair, like they do in Collingswood, New Jersey. Pipe dreams, I guess, but you gotta dream big sometimes.

Would you like to see any of your books be made into films? 

L.D.-    Yeah, I think every author would like to have that. I think my four book Christmas City series would be fun to see on film.

I know it’s early, but do you have any Halloween events planned?  

L.D.-    Like I said, earlier, I will be at Moravian Book Shop on October 30th. I will keep looking for Halloween vendor events where I can set up.

You can also find Larry’s books on Amazon by clicking here.