ZEDD BOUNCES THE BEATS – MUSIKFEST 2021 | Photographs & Review by Diane Fleischman

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Photographs & Review by Diane Fleischman


It was a little before 9pm when the chants began. ‘We want Zedd!  Zedd, Zedd, Zedd!’ could be heard amongst the crowd at the Wind Creek Stage at Musikfest Friday night. The two opening acts, Gabi DeMartino and Dot, had done their jobs well, as they warmed the crowd up for the main attraction, EDM Grammy award winner, Zedd.



The stage was dark as the synthesizer intro began, and the crowd cheered. Zedd took the stage, elevated on a platform ready to spin some concrete fast beats.


Zedd came prepared to this electro-pop dance party with his high energy and extra large grab bag of pyrotechnic effects. The screen projected  behind him provided a colorful visual representation and matched every musical element heard.  The bass lines were amped up, as they pounded everywhere.


“I can feel a lot of energy here”, Zedd remarked about half way through the show. The banter was at a minimum, as Zedd joined the crowd as he jumped and danced along, silhouetted against the screen.  The energy was infectious, Zedd took a moment here and there to take a drink, or wipe away the sweat with a towel.  The audience, some dressed for the occasion with their best dance wear, glitter, and glow in the dark jewerly and light sticks screamed and jumped for more. The dancing continued beyond the stands, into the venue entrance, and onto the street.


 At the end of the night, everyone left the show happy, some still dancing, others well exhausted. For Zedd, his summer tour continues, celebrating electric dance music and the glorious return of concerts.