Paint & Party to bring do-it-yourself art studio to West End Theatre District

Allentown, PA – September 2014 — The West End Theatre District is about to get a little more artistic and a lot more fun.

Paint& Party, an art studio that provides painting instruction to individuals and groups in a fun, social and engaging atmosphere, is scheduled to open Oct. 4, 2014, at 1901 W. Allen St. The new business intends to attract both children and adults who want to have a unique, memorable event with friends, pursue a special art project or simply try their hand at painting.

Nearly a dozen 16×20 canvases on easels are placed throughout the studio. Owner Dana Miller provides the supplies and instruction to bring out the inner artist in everyone. In addition to hosting private parties of adults or children, she is planning to have painting events for singles, couples, college students and retirees. Each 2-3 hour session is $34 a person.

She also plans to have “open paint” classes on the weekends with no instructions. In addition, Miller welcomes “walk-up painters” who simply want to sit in on the class in process.

Miller said she intends to reserve the morning hours will be for children; after 6 p.m. will be reserved for adults. All groups are welcome to bring their own food and beverages. (For adults, a state wine and spirits store is conveniently located across Allen Street.)

When Miller wanted to open the concept, she said she thought Allentown’s West End Theatre District would be an ideal place. The Allentown native and resident remembered when then storefront housed a Carvel Ice Cream shop and had always admired the way the light entered the windows. “I wanted to move into this area because I really thought that our store fits the Theatre District extremely well,” Miller said.

Miller said she hopes her concept proves successful so she can open locations in other towns. She said she believes the novelty of the concept and the lack of activities during cold-weather months will contribute to her success.

About the West End Theatre District

The city blocks between 17th and 22nd streets and Liberty and Washington Streets that comprise the district are home to more than 150 businesses and shops. Culturally rich and ethnically diverse, the West End Theatre District is a destination for residents, visitors, college students, entrepreneurs, and artisans alike.  Home of the Civic Theatre, this neighborhood sits adjacent to Allentown institutions like the Fairgrounds Farmers Market, Muhlenberg College, Lehigh Valley Hospital, and Phoebe Home.

About the West End Alliance

The West End Alliance is an 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to stimulate revitalization in the West End Theatre District of Allentown, by envisioning and catalyzing positive change among residential, commercial, governmental, and institutional entities. Comprised of neighbors, merchants, and stakeholders dedicated to the development of the neighborhood and its potential, the volunteer board of directors seek to promote the development of the West End of Allentown as a local, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood through the support of diverse businesses and services.

More: and the organization’s Facebook page for more details.