Lehigh Valley 20-Year-Old Expands Influence as Adoption Advocate

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Featured Image: Ayden Lincoln of Easton was Found in a Shoebox in China Twenty Years Ago

Chinese American Adoptee and Influencer Expands Mission to Inspire Others to Consider Adoption 

Lehigh Valley 20-Year-Old is an Adoption Advocate with Expanding Influence 

EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA (NOVEMBER 21, 2022) – November is National Adoption Month and Ayden Lincoln is continuing her mission to help others find love and belonging through adoption.

“Chinese adoption, and adoption in general, is a topic not often discussed,” says Ayden, a 20-year-old college sophomore at Northampton Community College.

In late November, Ayden was featured on Adoption Now (AydenLincolnonAdoptionNowPodcast) a Podcast with April Fallon. The program covers all aspects of adoption and has thousands of weekly followers.

Ayden was also featured on WFMZ Channel 69 News at Sunrise   AydenLincolnWFMZChannel69 in November.

Additionally, the Easton resident will be a guest speaker on the equally popular Real World Parenting with Dr. Laura Anderson, with a debut date of late November.

“Despite my struggles after being adopted from a Chinese orphanage, I wouldn’t change a thing,” says Ayden, who was found in a shoebox in a train station in China with her umbilical cord still intact.

Police brought the fragile 3.3-pound infant to an orphanage, where she spent nearly the entire first year of her life in a crib. The experience impacted her brain development and resulted in a flat skull.

Fortunately, Ayden was adopted by her adoptive parents from Easton, Pennsylvania, before her first birthday.

“My adoptive parents are wonderful, beautiful people who began the long, arduous adoption process in 2001, a year before I was born,” adds the student majoring in business.

Today, Ayden and her parents want to encourage those considering adoption to take steps to do so.

In her endeavors, Ayden has also penned several guest columns for national websites, including Ayden’s Story: Abandonment, Adoption, and Perseverance | Human Defense, written for the Human Defense Initiative.

The business/communications major has also penned articles for LiveAction and paired up with Miss Pennsylvania in 2021 for a live-streaming event regarding the positives of adoption.

Her aspirations of a career in communications and becoming a journalist is just one way the former National Honor Society student wishes to bring her talents and insight to others.

As a social media influencer, Ayden, who has 12,000 followers on Twitter, says, “I hope my story can teach someone like me that they aren’t alone. Everyone has their unique struggles — some worse than others,” observes the student.

“Reaching out to someone, even if it’s a crisis hotline, really does make a difference. But, of course, there will always be people who tell you, “just get over it” and “it’s all in your head. But you have to find your techniques to cope and find your support system,” implores the dual major student.

“I’ve gotten so many messages from people saying thank you as they share their stories, which makes me happy. Hopefully, I will continue to inspire others to adopt and not give up, no matter how hard it is. — it’s worth it.”

Follow Ayden, on Twitter @AydenLincoln, on Instagram @AydenLincoln, or visit www.aydenlincoln.com.


Information and image provided by:
Tina Bradford
Writer/Public Relations/Social Media