The 6th Annual Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival

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The 6th Annual Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival

Philadelphia Music Collective Turns Up The Volume at World Class Film Festival with Progressive Audio / Visuals Show

“Jim Thorpe is ready for this” 

JIM THORPE, PA – The Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival (JTIFF) will screen over 80 Films – including many that just premiered on the international stage at Sundance, Berlin, Toronto, and Cannes. The festival is a unique destination experience like no other. And this year, we will challenge the very definition of “Film Festival.” The volume will get turned up as we bring Live Audio/Video Performances providing a cutting-edge, fully immersive, and interactive experience for all who attend. The viewer will be challenged to LISTEN, FEEL, and BE part of the show. Our live music and A/V blocks are provided courtesy of Great Circles Music Collective out of Philadelphia.

“Music can be cinematic, and film can be musical,” says music and technical director Matthew Curry from his loft in Brooklyn. “This is a way to give a voice to new types of artists, which aligns with everything the festival stands for”.  

Over the last five years, JTIFF has presented internationally recognized filmmakers, including Ethan Hawke and two-time Oscar-winner, Barbara Kopple, while still shining the spotlight on underground, local, and up-and-coming young artists. The goal of JTIFF has always been to celebrate films of every genre and budget, especially work by maverick filmmakers who strive to break boundaries. Adding these new music and audiovisual installations will make an already exceptionally diverse program even more dynamic and inventive.

JTIFF’s new partner, Great Circles, is equally committed to promoting a broad range of talent. The brand includes a progressive live online streaming platform that showcases talent from a Philadelphia storefront, and a boutique record label and record shop. Great Circles embraces the latest technology and artistry of electronic DJ culture while also honoring the retro vibe of classic vinyl. Their versatility is harmonious with all things JTIFF as they expand their program for the sixth anniversary of the festival.

“Live events are in our DNA, “says founder Justin Gibbon. “That’s what our brand was built on”. The music collective is well known for its live series “PASSAGES” — a fully-immersive audio-visual experience that features projection-mapping, held monthly at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Philadelphia. Their not-to-be-missed A/V blocks at JTIFF will be held Saturday, April 22, at the Mauch Chunk Opera House. Great Circles will also host the JTIFF Filmmakers’ Gala on Friday night at the Mauch Chunk Ballroom across the street from the Opera House. 

Returning to the festival was an easy choice for Gibbon and his team. “It’s amazing. Just the nature of [the festival]. All this creative energy in an environment of new technology, and it all takes place inside this lovely old 19th-century opera house. It’s quite a unique coupling of aesthetics,” he said. 

“Jim Thorpe is ready for this”, adds Curry after expounding on the live music, A/V shows, and projection mapping being offered at this year’s JTIFF. “There’s always been a deep connection to music in this town. I mean, everything happens in a 150-year-old opera house”. 

The complete film and music program will be announced later this month.

2023 Film Festival Press Release


Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival

  • Thursday, April 20 – Mauch Chunk Opera House
    • Opening Night Red Carpet. Doors Open @ 7:00pm
    • Live music 7:30, Opening Night Feature Film 8:30pm
  • Friday April 21
    • Screenings begin at 11:00am 
    • FILMMAKERS’ GALA at the Mauch Chunk Ballroom. Ticket & VIP Pass Holders Only (proper attire encouraged). Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.
  • Saturday April 22
    • 11:00am student film blocks begin
    • GRINDHOUSE program begins at midnight
  • Sunday April 23
    • Local Heroes Film Block 11:00AM 
    • Awards Ceremony – 8:30pm @ Mauch Chunk Opera House
    • Festival Wrap Party @ 9:30pm (Location TBD)


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