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By: Janel Spiegel

Event Review: Vernal Equinox 2023

A Celebration at Gallows Hill Spirits Co.

March 20, 2023

Gallows Hill Spirits Co.

2208 South 12th Street

Allentown, PA 18103


There are moments when you come across people that bring out the best in you, and that you feel like you have known these people for lifetime’s. Tonight, at Gallows Hill Spirits Co., we celebrated the Vernal Equinox, and welcoming spring.  It was hosted by Reverend Bea (Barbara Ann Tantillo). Reverend Bea is a force of nature, a woman filled with heart and soul. She has a genuineness in her. She was joined by the equally incredible forces of nature, Chris Bogden, Korie Urban, and Stephanie Reigle Beddiges. Everything was set up and the colors, and pieces she picked to make a lively ceremony even more meaningful.

Reverend Bea discussed hosting Beltane at Gallows. She had previously hosted a beautiful vibrant Beltane that was so positive, and made so many people happy. (Beltane is a festival that falls between the spring equinox, and summer solstice.)

The Vernal equinox is when “the sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length.” It’s also the start of spring, a time for growth, change, the flowers, and nature changes. We start to see nature come back, and people are excited for change. This is what this celebration was about. I also want to say that I did not have to write about this. I felt compelled, and inspired. I think we live in a world with so much negativity sometimes, we need to see the positive, and the beautiful stuff that does go on in the world.

Gallows Hill Spirits Co. has hosted quite a few beautiful ceremonies. The Owner/Founder Bob Piano works hard along with a staff of awesome people that give their all in everything they do. For tonight’s celebration, a new drink was created. They often do that for special occasions and holidays. You can check out the website https://gallowshillspirits.com/, and of course follow the social media pages to stay up-to-date with events. Be on the lookout for the Beltane event.

It is so nice to see people come together, and laugh, have fun. You sort of forget the craziness that is life. You meet amazing people, people who work hard. It is a good environment, and with Reverend Bea leading a beautiful ceremony, I imagine a lot of people are even more excited for what’s to come in life.