Tego LLC Launches Traditional Native American Teas that are Turning Heads Around the World

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Tego Tea Benefits those Suffering from High Blood Sugar, Arthritis, Poor Blood Circulation, Cold and Flu, Concentration Concerns and Overall Health – with Amazing Results

Shohola, Pennsylvania: Tego LLC, a small Native American owned business, announced today the launch of five new Traditional Native American Teas to naturally avoid or reverse the devastating health effects caused by high blood glucose levels, arthritis, poor blood circulation, cold and flu, concentration concerns, and overall health.

Characteristically, Native American medicinal botanicals were utilized for thousands of years and proved to be extremely effective in aiding individuals with various conditions. All current medications today base their foundations on the traditional uses for what the early indigenous peoples relied upon in nature. According to current trends, individuals are now turning toward a more natural approach and are coming to rely on more holistic beliefs in helping to relieve their present conditions. People are not only taking a hands-on approach, but also by implementing natural aids are monitoring their ailments more effectively. For instance, there are 27 million American adults with diabetes. Another 79 million Americans have pre-diabetes, and 2 million of those pre-diabetics are later diagnosed with type II diabetes annually. These numbers represent more than a third of the entire adult population in the United States alone, with global estimates being far greater.

The diagnosis and treatment of diabetes cost the US an estimated $245 billion in 2012. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that more than 80 percent of people with diabetes do not follow their physician’s advice on how to manage their disease.

In an effort to lessen these numbers and provide relief to those suffering from the effects of type II diabetes – and create a more manageable treatment regimen for controlling high blood sugar – Tego, LLC has publicly launched a tea recipe, passed down through Native American family members, that has been used for over 300 years to help lower high blood sugar naturally.


About Tego: Tego LLC is a small business, owned by a Native American family. Tego Tea is a 100% all-natural proprietary blend of plant extracts, created using a patented extraction process. Tego Tea is available in loose tea form in convenient, ready to make packaging. Although this is a food product and has not yet been evaluated by the FDA, the results have been so positive that our family feels compelled to share this as a benefit for society. In 2019, Tego Tea was featured in “The World Tea News.” The amazing results and the growing demand for traditional, natural alternatives has driven Tego tea into the global market. When asked the origins of the “Tego” name a spokesperson for Tego Tea responded, “the name Tego is an Abenaki word meaning ‘The Wave.’ There is nothing stronger than the power of water, and it always pushes forward. That’s Tego, because we will never stop pushing forward until we circle the globe.” In 2019, the Tego Tea story was released by best selling author A.H. Verge in “The Little Englishman.”

Tego Tea can offer an incredible opportunity to those suffering from various conditions – these individuals can regain control of their health, their peace of mind, and their financial situations with the help of Tego Tea. “My family and I believe in this product. We have personally used Tego Tea for various conditions and now we want to help others with these amazing properties and have dedicated ourselves to making the public aware of the relief Tego Tea can give,” said Linda Verge, President of Tego LLC.

Tego Tea is currently available for purchase online or at participating retailers. 

For more information please visit www.tegotea.com or contact Tego Tea at teamtego@gmail.com or 862-284-7038


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