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Free Delivery of Pizza, Cheesesteaks, Hoagies, Dinners and a large selection of Beer to go. We now offer Beer Delivery as well as online ordering and a rewards program!

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13 W. 3rd St.
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Tel: 610-866-1088
Fax: 610-866-8112


Photo Oct 04, 9 48 02 PMStarting November 2015, we will be launching a very special program at Lehigh Pizza called Pay It Forward Pizza. Inspired by Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philly, the program is essentially our attempt to help feed those in need.

Customers may purchase a plain slice at a discounted price of $2.00 and they will get a post-it to pin up on the wall. That post-it will be available to any homeless person or child in need. They will be eligible to come in and redeem the receipt for a free slice.

This program will run through the winter months, which prove to be tougher times for the needy. At the end of May, Lehigh Pizza will collect any vouchers that haven’t been redeemed at that point and double the value and donate it to a local foodbank or shelter.

We appreciate your support in helping feed our neighbors that are in need….Thank You